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The Department of Education has decided to restructure the way in which the services of Instructional Resources are delivered. The following changes will take place on May 7th 2004:
  1. Audiovisual rental and duplication services will be eliminated. Orders for any materials that may be needed during the remainder of the school year should be placed by May 3rd 2004. All rented materials are to be returned to the Instructional Resources branch by their due date. Before the end of June a process will be put in place for the permanent distribution of the audio visual materials to districts. Future copyright requirements will be addressed at that time.

  2. The on-line catalogue will be maintained centrally as a reference for educators.

  3. Individual school districts are responsible for ordering textbooks directly from the publishers.

  4. The Department of Education has "Contracts of Supply" in place on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON) system for Supplemental Reading Material and for Classroom Manipulatives.

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