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Please note that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not recycle policy numbers; as a result, once a policy is repealed, the policy number is permanently retired. This explains the gap in numbering.

Finance and Administration

  Policy 101 Financial Responsibilities of School Districts
  Policy 107 Purchasing
  Policy 111 Disposal of Documents
  Policy 113 Remuneration and Reimbursement of Expenses
  Policy 114 Tuition Fee to Attend New Brunswick Public School
  Policy 120 Materials for Distribution in Schools
  Policy 121 Political Clubs
  Policy 126 Provision of Legal Advice to District Education Councils
  Policy 127 Management of Food Services in Schools
  Policy 129 Procedure for Reporting Accidents on Public School Premises (Accident Report Form)
  Policy 130 School Calendar
  Policy 132 Contribution of Resources by Parents

Human Resources

  Policy 201 Appointment of School Principals
  Policy 202 Substitute Teachers
  Policy 203 Salary Upon Commencement
  Policy 204 Job Classification and Reclassification - Part II Non-Bargaining Personnel
  Policy 206 Supply Teaching by Teachers on Educational Leave
  Policy 208 Educational Leave Under Article 35 of the Collective Agreement
  Policy 209 Rates of Pay for Persons Employed on a Casual or Temporary Basis
  Policy 212 Leave of Absence for Religious or Ethnic Purposes
  Policy 213 Conflict of Interest
  Policy 214 Indemnification of Employees, District Education Council Members, Parent School Support Committee Members, Volunteers and student Teachers
  Policy 215 Driver Record

Educational Services

  Policy 301 Admission to and Placement in Kindergarten
  Policy 303 Locally Developed Courses
  Policy 304 Summer School
  Policy 307 Work Education
  Policy 309 French Second Language Programs
  Policy 311 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Use
  Policy 315 School/Community Partnerships and Sponsorships
  Policy 316 Graduation Requirements
  Policy 319 Attendance Outside School District
  Policy 321 Admission Based on Language
  Policy 322 Inclusive Education


  Policy 402 Disposal of Surplus Furnishings and Equipment
  Policy 403 Disposal of School Buildings
  Policy 404 Modular Classroom Units (Portable)
  Policy 406 Outdoor School Play Areas
  Policy 407 Community Use of Schools
Policy 409 Multi-year School Infrastructure Planning
  Policy 410 Accessibility of Schools for the Physically Disabled


  Policy 501 Acquisition and Disposal of School Buses
  Policy 504 School Vehicle Inspections, Maintenance and Reduction of Idling
  Policy 508 School Bus Driver Training Program
  Policy 509 Student Crosswalks
  Policy 510 Procedures for Accidents Involving a School Vehicle
  Policy 512 Extra-Curricular Activity Vehicles
  Policy 513 Transportation to and from Off-Site School-Related Extra-Curricular Activities

Teacher Certification

  Policy 603 Local Teacher's Permit
  Policy 606 Interim certificate 4 for technology teachers
  Policy 607 Teaching Experience
  Policy 610 Principal Certification Requirements
  Policy 611 Approval of non-credit courses for certification purposes
  Policy 612 Interim certificate 4 in a specified field of study and upgrading requirements

Health and Safety

  Policy 701 Policy for the Protection of Pupils
  Policy 702 Tobacco-Free Schools
Policy 703 Positive Learning and Working Environment
  Policy 704 Health Support Services
  Handbook for Type 1 Diabetes Management in Schools
  Policy 705 School and School District Crisis Planning
  Policy 706 Proof of Immunization
  Policy 707 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  Policy 708 Fundraising Involving Door-to-Door and Public Solicitation
  Policy 709 Student Physical Activity Safety Standards
  Policy 710 Release of Students and Access to Student Information
  Policy 711 Healthier Foods and Nutrition in Public Schools

Data, IT and Records Management

  Policy 802 Information Technology and Data Standards
  Policy 804 Student Registration

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