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Among the most interesting artifacts the archaeologists brought up from the Machault was a barrel that still contained salt pork. There were traces of knife marks in the pork suggesting that the barrel had already been opened.

picture of salt pork
Salt pork found among the wreckage.
Cooking pots made of coarse earthenware were common in the 18th century and many of them were found in the Machault's cargo. Several French-made glass bottles and jars suitable for foods and beverages were also found.

A variety of other products were found on the Machault including several Continental, French, English, and Chinese bowls. Its cargo also contained a variety of decorated pieces that were probably intended for serving food as well as for preparing it. These items were probably being brought over for trade.

English bowl

English tin-glazed earthenware bowl.

Chinese tea set

Chinese export porcelain tea service.

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