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Welcome to Our Fishing Heritage in the Gulf of St.Lawrence. Commercial fishing has been an important aspect in the social and economic life of the Atlantic Provinces.

We invite you to explore the virtual history presentation and then play the quiz " Who Wants to be a Fisherman? ".

Aquarium and Marine Centre
Link to the Aquarium and Marine Centre, Shippagan, New Brunswick  - on the Acadian Peninsula.
Heritage Branch
Link to the virtual presentation Our Fishing Heritage in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with sections on the: Basques, Europeans, Fishing Banks, Green Fishery, Wet Fishery,War, Jersey Merchants, Americans, 20th Century and Today. Link to the Quiz Who Wants to be a Fisherman?  Answer the questions and with each correct response you will catch a fish!  There are ten different types:  Smelt, Cod, Redfish, American Plaice, Atlantic Herring, Snow Crab, Halibut, Lobster, Mackerel and Pink Shrimp. Link to the Flash introduction at the beginning of the web site. Link to the page of external links. Link to the Teachers Corner section, with scientific information, in PDF format, on the types of fish found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
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