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No sparks flying here, Pamela Jardine’s job is all about electrical safety

Darren Sutherland (left) and Pamela Jardine (right) on location at work site.

Independent and down-to-earth, Pamela Jardine went to NBCC in Saint John for Industrial Instrumentation Technology after high school. “I had cousins in construction and instrumentation who encouraged me,” said Pamela.

“I wanted to go to work and do something that I enjoy, paid good money, and gave me financial freedom and independence,” said Pamela, “so I decided to take up a trade.”

Pamela noted that it wasn’t easy and admitted that she was kind of doubtful about the calculus and the technology part in the beginning. “My sister was very supportive and gave me lots of encouragement,” said Pamela. “I soon found out that I was actually pretty good at it.”

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Pamela went on to graduate with Honours. “I got through it, and anyone else can too,” said Pamela.

After graduation, Pamela landed a summer job in St. Louis, Missouri where she did electrical work with F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. When she returned to Fredericton, one of her NBCC instructors gave her a strong recommendation for a job with the Government of New Brunswick.

“I’m now working as an Electrical Plan Approval Officer for the provincial government,” said Pamela. Since fifteen years ago, Pamela’s career is all about electrical safety. Pamela is part of a team of specialists whose job is to protect the public’s safety from potentially harmful electrical installations.

“My job involves reviewing and rating designs and plans, working on sites with field inspectors, and working through disputes and challenges with engineers,” explained Pamela. “I get to see positive results really quickly!”

Over the years, Pamela’s been able to watch improvements in the way things are done and gets plenty of satisfaction knowing that she played a big role in it. “It’s really nice to be able to see all of my hard work paying off,” said Pamela.

“I figure you must be a bit ‘nuts and bolts-y’ to understand it all,” said Pamela. “But I really like what I do and encourage others to follow in my footsteps.”

When asked why she chose her career, Pamela replied, “The career kind of chose me!”

In addition, she also notes that there are a lot of opportunities available in the trades now. “I’ve considered going back to school to upgrade my exams and get my engineering degree,” said Pamela.

“I truly believe mentoring and providing inspiration to others really works,” said Pamela who has helped at least one other young tradesperson make her way up just by providing support and encouragement. “There will always be barriers and obstacles, but if you just keep going, you’ll get over them all.”

“Get the skills, believe you can do it, and don’t give up!” advised Pamela. “You allow yourself to grow when you give yourself the tools for your own independence.”

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