Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons

Activity Centres
Located throughout the province and run by, and for, persons living with mental illness, activity centres have a focus on prevention and promotion. Their self-help programs are varied and are based according to local needs and interests. These centres promote community integration by providing social, vocational, recreational and advocacy activities. They help people become more independent of formal services by means of peer support, education, and mutual aid.

Prime Time Pals
PO Box 5001
Woodstock, NB E7M 5C6

Contact: Lori Young
Telephone: (506) 328-0882
(506) 325-0881
Fax: (506) 325-4610

C.H.E.E.R.S. (Satellite)
Mental Health Center
35 F Tribe Road, suite 138
Perth Andover E7H 0A8

Contact: Denica Waugh
Telephone: (506) 273-4527
Fax: (506) 273-4728

La Source
100 - 65, Blvd. Broadway
Grand Falls, NB E3Z 2J6

Contact: Norma Jacobs
Telephone: (506) 473-9801
Fax: (506) 473-3498

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