Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons

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The Association has several programs that have and will make a difference to all New Brunswickers and hopefully all Canadians. Our asthma camp for Anglophone and Francophone children, ages 7-11, has provided valuable data and information which has made a noticeable positive impact on the participating children and families.

Children who attend the camps are taught skills that will assist them to better manage and control their asthma. Most importantly, it allows the children an opportunity to have fun, and establish healthy relationships with their peers and health professionals.

The Association offers public education on an ongoing basis. The public is encouraged to call the Association and receive on-line education and free resource tools as a means to increase their understanding and knowledge about proper care and management of their or their child's asthma. The Association delivers asthma education to schools for both administration and students, seminars on respiratory diseases, and conferences for health professionals.

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