Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons

To improve the employment situation for Canadians with disabilities, the Government of Canada provides $222 million each year through Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities (LMAPDs) with provinces and territories. This funding supports programs and services that are designed and delivered by provinces and territories up to a maximum amount specified in each bilateral agreement. This amount is then matched by each jurisdiction.

The LMAPDs give provinces and territories the flexibility to determine their own priorities and approaches to best address the needs of persons with disabilities in their jurisdictions, with the objectives of:

  • enhancing the employability of persons with disabilities;
  • increasing the employment opportunities available to persons with disabilities; and
  • demonstrating the best possible results for Canadians on these investments.

Provinces and territories are responsible for the design and delivery of employment programming within the following five areas:

  • education and training;
  • employment participation;
  • employment opportunities;
  • connecting employers and persons with disabilities; and
  • building knowledge.

A wide range of activities may be supported, including:

  • employment counselling;
  • career planning;
  • pre-employment preparation;
  • post-secondary education;
  • skills training;
  • wage subsidies;
  • self-employment assistance;
  • technical aids and other supports; and
  • assistance in accessing job opportunities

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