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Management Services

The Health Emergency Management Services Branch of the Department of Health consists of two units:

Ambulance Services Unit

The Department of Health is responsible for ambulance system design, medical control, funding and monitoring to ensure compliance with the Ambulance Services Act, Regulations and Standards and the contract between Ambulance New Brunswick and New Brunswick EMS.

Ambulance New Brunswick, a Part III public sector company, began operating on December 16, 2007 as a comprehensive province-wide ambulance system available to citizens, residents and visitors to New Brunswick including air and road dispatched ambulance services.

New Brunswick EMS, a subsidiary of Medavie Blue Cross, has been contracted by Ambulance New Brunswick to manage the day-to-day operations of the provincial ambulance system including a central dispatch centre located in Moncton, land and air ambulance, revenue collection and data collection and processing.  The contract with New Brunswick EMS is a performance based contract.  New Brunswick EMS is expected to comply with the applicable Acts, Regulations and Standards and as well to meet stipulated performance standards including response times, clinical care and fleet management.

Health Emergency Management Unit

The Health Emergency Management Unit is responsible for ensuring that the province’s health care system maintains a level of readiness to enable it to respond quickly and effectively to all health and medical emergencies, regardless of location, cause or magnitude.  Large-scale events, such as pandemic flu or mass casualty incidents, demand advance planning and coordinated response in order for such emergencies to be managed effectively.

The Unit is mandated to oversee the design, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive all hazards emergency management program (HEMP) for the provincial health sector to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from health emergencies regardless of their cause, scope or location.

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