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New Brunswick Cancer Network

New Brunswick Cancer Network

Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed chronic diseases in New Brunswick and is the leading cause of death in the province. It is estimated that 4,800 residents will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,930 will die from cancer in 2013. 

New Brunswick Cancer Network (NBCN) is a branch of the Department of Health, whose mission is to reduce the burden of cancer for all New Brunswickers.

Nearly every family across the province will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

NBCN’s goal is to reduce the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of cancer among New Brunswickers through the planning, delivery, and evaluation of sustainable cancer services.

NBCN is responsible for ensuring a provincial, evidence-based, approach to the delivery of cancer programs and services for all elements of cancer care.  These include prevention, screening, treatment, follow-up, palliative care, education and research. 

NBCN works closely with many components of the NB Healthcare System, including other divisions of the Department of Health and the Regional Health Authorities.

“Working together to ensure high quality services”


Breast Cancer:
Screening Saves Lives

Cervical Cancer:
Screening Saves Lives


Cancer Epidemiology
Cancer Research
 - Clinical Trials
Cancer Wait Times
Drug Information
Sheets for Patients

Federal, Provincial
and Territorial
Cancer Agencies

Information for
Patients and

Pediatric Oncology
National Benchmarks
NB Cancer
Care Facilities

Prevention and

Cancer Prevention
and Screening

Breast Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Prevention & Screening
Colon Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

For Health
Care Professionals

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Colon Cancer Screening
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening in New Brunswick
Standardized Pathology Reporting


Cancer System Performance 2012
Breast Cancer
Report on Program
1996 - 2009

Cancer in
New Brunswick

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