Government of New Brunswick

Zone 4, Mental Health Services

Community Mental Health Centres

Business hours
Monday to Friday
8:30 to 5:00

121 Church Street
Carrefour Assomption
3rd Floor, Suite 331
Edmundston, N.B.
Telephone: (506) 735-2070

Grand Falls
131 Pleasant St., 2nd Floor
Grand Falls, N.B.
E3Z 1G1
Telephone: (506) 475-2440

Services Offered

This pamphlet contains information about the services offered by the Community Mental Health Centres in Edmundston and Grand Falls.

Our services are free and offered on a voluntary basis. Each consumer is accepted at the intake service.

The services are divided in three major programs:

  • Acute Care Services
  • Child and Adolescent Services
  • Adult Long Term Care Services

Professional help is offered by social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and community service counsellors.

Different therapies are offered by these professionals. The consumer is encouraged to participate in solving his/her problem to achieve independence and personal growth.

Mental health professionals play many roles such as:

  • Promoting mental health
  • Preventing mental illness
  • Preventing mental illness
  • Rehabilitation


Any information, not bound by a law, is strictly confidential. Only mental health professionals can have access to it. A written authorization is needed for the release of any information.

Helpline/S.O.S. Suicide/Kid's helphone

Long distance calls (no charge CHIMO)
1-800-668-6868 (no charge Kidís)

Trained personnel will answer questions, discuss concerns and provide support for those affected by emotional problems.

The helpline is in service:
After 5:00 p.m. on week days
24 hours a day during the weekend
24 hours a day during holidays

Get in Touch !

For more information or an appointment dial:
(506) 735-2070 (Edmundston)
(506) 475-2440 (Grand Falls)