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All Different All Equal
All Different
All Equal
The Right to Non-Discrimination

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Keeping Children and Youth Safe from Harm in New Brunswick: A Five Year Strategy by New Brunswickers

Children's Rights-Based Approach (This link has English, French, Mi'kmaq and Maliseet versions of the poster)

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Need to be heard?

Your voice is powerful.
We can help you use it.

We are The New Brunswick Child and Youth Advocate, and our job is to help you in your need to be heard.

Advocate releases State of the Child Report
Child Rights Education Week
Advocate applauds tribunal’s decision to end inequalities experienced by First Nations children
Launch of Strategy for the Prevention of Harm for Children and Youth in New Brunswick


 April 27, 2017
Bill C-10
"" Submission
Bill C-4

"" News Release
"" Submission

Annual Reports


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"" November 2011
"" October 2011

Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates - National Child Day 2015 - Letter to Prime Minister
More Care Less Court 2015- Full Report and Executive Summary
"" 25 Years of Children's Rights - State of the Child Report 2014
"" Let's celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - November 2014

"" The 2013 New Brunswick State of the Child Report - November 20, 2013
"" Adolescent Connections Team – New Brunswick: SPOR-TRAM EOI
Play On ! Children Helping Children: 2012 State of the Child
""Summer Course on the
Rights of the Child
"" “Play Matters”: 2011 State of the Child
"" Children and Peace
"" Senate Human Rights Standing Committee - Submission on Cyber bullying
"" Children's Rights Awareness Week 2011
"" Youth Exploring Solutions: Youth Engagement in New Brunswick

"" How to be an Advocate
Defending the Rights of the Child

""CYA Community Update – September 2011

"" The Rights of Youth Offenders Must Be Respected

"" Staying Connected
A report of the Task Force on a Centre of Excellence for Children and Youth with Complex Needs

The Right to identity, culture and language: A child's path to developmentThe Right to identity, culture and language: A child's path to development
"" Position Paper
Aboriginal Children and Youth in Canada: Canada Must do Better
What's my role? A youth guide to child protection

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