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Public Accounts - fiscal year ending March 31

  • Vol. I - Audited Financial Statements, including statements of financial position, operations, cash flow, net debt, accumulated deficit, an Auditor’s Report and discussion of results.
  • Vol. II - Unaudited Supplementary Information to the Financial Statements, including detailed information on supplementary appropriations, funded debt, capital loans, statements of the general sinking fund, securities held, revenue and expenditure by department.

Other Information

  • Unaudited Supplementary Employee Lists, including salary and travel information for employees.
  • Unaudited Supplementary Supplier Lists, including combined supplier payment information across government departments, as well as for each department individually.
  • Financial Statements of certain government organizations, where a legal requirement to publish the statements exists and they are not available elsewhere.

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Annual Report

  • Highlights of the past fiscal year.
  • Overview of the Office, including the mission and objectives, roles and responsibilities, activities and services, resources.
  • The Year in Review, covering management direction, the achievement of intended results, the working environment.

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