Welcome to Parlee Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in North America.

The hospitality of the host town will certainly charm you. Come and watch or participate in multiple outdoor activities such as national sporting events, recreational and competitive tournaments, social events, and contests for all ages.

Parlee Beach, a place of relaxation and fun, welcomes you!


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Supervised beach, salt water, change houses, washrooms, showers (indoor/outdoor), parking, canteens, provincial park campground, playground, picnic areas, souvenir shop, first aid, security, licensed restaurant. Located in Pointe-du-Chêne (route 15, exit 37).

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    Location: Pointe-du-Chêne, NB             Tour
Rates: $9.00 / per vehicle
$61.00 / per season / per vehicle
newmap.jpg (15963 bytes) From Route 15, Exit 37, 
located on road 133,
Shediac, NB
Contact info: parlee@gnb.ca
   Tel: 506 533-3363