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  Regional Corn Hybrid Evaluation Trials

W. Brown1 and A.O.M. Smith2

Abstract: Twenty-seven corn hybrids were planted on May 29 in both the silage and grain trials in the Sussex area including both recommended and new hybrids. The grain yields ranged between 4.14 and 6.73 T/ha, corrected to 15.5% moisture, while the silage yields ranged between 10.63 and 14.57 T/ha of dry matter. The data form this trial is used with data from other sights in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. to maintain the recommended lists of grain and silage corn hybrids in Publication 100C. In 1996, Pioneer 3970 and DK221 will be added to the grain list and Pioneer 3970 and DK191 will be added to the silage list.

1Regional Office, NBDARD, Sussex, NB E4E 7H7
2Livestock & Livestock Feed Branch, NBDARD, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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