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  Evaluation of Herbicides for Use in Cabbage

K.V. McCully1, M.J. Melanson1 and C. Morales1
(Partner: Horticultural Producers Association of Southern New Brunswick)

Abstract: A trial to evaluate registered (Devrinol), and non registered (Goal, Lontrel, and Muster+Agral 90) herbicides for use in cabbage (cv. Parel) was established in Sheffield, NB. Visual ratings on crop tolerance and weed control were collected throughout the season. Results indicated that Devrinol provided the least amount of crop injury (1%), and had the highest crop vigour rating (97%) by the final rating (Aug. 7/97). It also provided 100% control of lambs quarters, smartweed, red root pigweed, and barnyard grass, and had the highest overall weed control rating (97%). Goal provided the next best overall weed control (84%), but had the most crop injury (19%) and lowest vigour ratings (64%) of the treatments evaluated. By the final rating Muster and Lontrel crop tolerance and vigour ratings were very good as they caused 4% and 6% crop injury and had 84% and 74% crop vigour ratings respectively. Although by the final rating Muster provided excellent control of smartweed ( 100%) and red root pigweed (100%), and Lontrel provided excellent control of lamb's quarter's (98%), smartweed (98%), and red root pigweed (99%), their overall weed control ratings were poor as compared to Devrinol. Overall weed control for Muster and Lontrel was 68% and 56% respectively. Devrinol appears to be an excellent choice for cabbage growers to consider as part of their weed control program.


1Potato & Horticulture Branch, NBDARD, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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