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  Effect of Supplemental Irrigation on the Earliness of Pre-Sprouted Potato Tubers: Part 1: Agronomic Evaluation

Yves Martineau1, Charles Goguen2, Marc Robichaud1 and Ron Pond1

Abstract: A study was conducted in Bouctouche, Kent county, in 1997 to evaluate the effect of supplemental irrigation on the earliness of pre-sprouted potato seeds c.v. Superior, Eramosa and Dark Red Norland . The experiment was also to compare the potential of various varieties when irrigated and green sprouted for early market in the eastern coastal plain in New Brunswick . The variety Superior and Eramosa were harvested 65, 75 and 95 days after planting (DAP). The variety Norland was harvested 75 and 95 DAP. Supplemental irrigation did not enhance the earliness of potato tubers. Potato plants produced a similar yield under both rain fed and supplemental irrigation at 65 and 75 DAP. At 95 DAP supplemental irrigation reduced losses due to moisture deficit for the varieties Superior, Eramosa and Dark Red Norland by respectively 19, 103.8 and 182.7 cwt/acre. The effect was not significant for the Superior variety only. The variety Eramosa seemed to be more suitable for early market. Although supplemental irrigation had no effect on the tubers earliness it was required to reduce crop losses after 85 DAP. Variety maturity seemed to have more influence on the early fresh tuber production than the supplemental irrigation.


1Land Resources Branch, NBDARD, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1
2Regional Office, NBDARD, Bouctouche, NB E4S 3J3

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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