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  Forage Mixtures for Hay and Silage Production

W. Brown1, L. Nason2 and P. Steele3
(Partners: New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Kings County Soil and Crop Improvement Association and Peter Steele, Norton, N.B.)

Abstract: A field plot containing 8 legume and comtal timothy were planted on the farm of Peter Steele in Norton on May 17, 1997. The plots were harvested on June 12, 1997 with dry matter yields ranging from 5145 to 7343 kg/ha of dry matter. There was a significant yielddifference in Marino Red Clover only. Chemical analysis of samples were as follows: 12.88 to 17.20 % for protein, 31.32 to 35.37 % for Acid Detergent Fibre, and 58.98 to 64.56 % for Total Digestible Nutrients. Plots with Alfalfa as part of the mixture matured before the Red Clover or Birdsfoot Trefoil plots. The second cut was grazed during the late summer and fall.

1 NBDARD, Sussex, NB
2New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Fredericton, NB
3Farmer, Sussex, NB

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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