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  Strawberry Varietal Tolerance to Reflex, Dual and Prowl Herbicides

K.V. McCully1 and M.J. Melanson1
(Partner: Horticultural Producers Association of Southern New Brunswick)

Abstract: Three trials were established to evaluate the tolerance and varietal sensitivity of either Vee Star, Kent or Mic Mac strawberry cultivars to Reflex + Agral 90, Dual, and Prowl applied at 1x and 2x rates. The three trials were divided by variety. Visual ratings on crop injury and crop vigour were collected, as well as runner counts. Overall, strawberries were considered very tolerant to Reflex + Agral 90 as crop injury was minor, and crop vigour and runner counts were considered good at both the 1x and 2x rates on all three varieties. The three strawberry cultivars were visually very tolerant to Dual at both the 1x and 2x rates, but vigour ratings indicated that reduced vigour may be expected. Runner count production was not influenced however. Prowl caused high initial visual injury to the plants at both the 1x and 2x rates on all three cultivars, but injury was short-lived. Mic Mac appeared to be slightly more sensitive to Prowl than either Kent or Vee Star, however. Vigour ratings provided variable results for Prowl. Analysis of runner counts indicated that the herbicide treatments applied at either the one or two times rate did not result in significant differences from each other on any of the three varieties. Yields will be collected in 1999 to further evalaute the effect of these herbicides.

1Potato and Horticulture Branch, NBDARD, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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