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  Monitoring of Insect Populations in Potato Fields

Guy Bernard1

Abstract: Aphid populations were generally low during the 1999 season. Green peach aphid populations increased throughout the month of August. Flea beetle populations have been on the rise for some years now and threshold levels were exceeded in mid-June with several fields reporting in excess of 500 holes/ 14 leaflets. Damage levels that were excessive were also noted in some fields in the fall. Colorado potato beetle populations exceeded the threshold during two consecutive weeks in 1999. Larval numbers were highest during week 4 and 5 (week of June 21 and June 28) and reached an average level of 82.29 larvae/30 plants during this period. Infestations of corn borers were reported during the 1999 season with damage levels of 1 or more holes in 80% of the stems in some fields. Infestations of cutworms, leafhoppers, tarnished plant bugs and spider mites were also reported in addition to the usual wireworm infestations.

1Potato and Horticulture Branch, 39 Barker Lane, Wicklow, NB E7L 3S4

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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