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  Weed Management in Cranberry

K. Patterson1 and M. G. Sampson1
(Partners: New Brunswick Cranberry Growers Association and the Nova Scotia Cranberry Growers Association)

Abstract: Trials to evaluate approximately 60 weed control products for crop tolerance in cranberries were conducted between December 1,1999 and March 31,2000 in the greenhouses of the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, Nova Scotia. Separate trials to evaluate weed control products as post-emergent treatments, pre-emergent treatments and dose response treatments were conducted bringing the total number of treatments applied to approximately 85. Crop tolerance was visually rated on a scale of 0-9, where 0 = complete kill and 9 = complete tolerance of the crop to the herbicide. Evaluations were carried out at crop rating intervals of 3-5, 7-14, 21-28 and 56-63 days after treatment. A preliminary examination of the crop tolerance data revealed that 35 out of 58 post-emergent herbicide treatments rated favorably for crop tolerance. This study has identified those products which have potential for use in cranberries. An environmental assessment of these products is being conducted to reduce the number of candidate products for field evaluations in the summer and fall of 2000.

1Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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