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  Early Potato Variety Development (SPUDTECH)

Lynn M. Moore1
(Partner: New Brunswick Potato Agency)

Abstract: A total of 36 new potato varieties were planted in an early tablestock trial at Whites Cove, NB and compared with 6 control varieties as greensprouted, cut seed and demonstration sections. Data was collected regarding yields, tuber numbers and skinning in the greensprouted and cut seed sections. In the greensprouted section, AC Ptargmigan, CalWhite and Quaggy Joe again showed promise against Eramosa, and Envol matched Jemseg at 79 days from planting. Both Adora and F80054 yielded well for yellows. Of the red-skinned varieties, ND 3574-5R matched the control Dark Red Norland as both greensprouted and cut seed. NorDonna was a disappointment in both sections. Of the new yellow fleshed varieties tested as cut seed, only Columbo significantly yielded better than Yukon Gold, although Eloge, Maranca and OAC Ruby Gold showed promise. Total glycoalkyloid levels were measured for ND3574-5R, All Blue, All Red and check Superior. All fell within acceptable limits. A demonstration using NYL235-4, did not show any Colorado potato beetle resistance offered by this selection's trichomes. Longlac produced an extremely uniform set of marketable tubers. Seed of some varieties was produced at the NB Horticulture Centre at Hoyt. Using trickle irrigation seed yields varied from 277 cwt/acre to 529 cwt/acre. Information collected will be used by growers of the SE New Brunswick Horticulture Association to decide upon trial details for 2000.

1Potato and Horticulture Branch, NBDARD, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1

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