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  Early Potato Variety Development - Spudtech 2000

Lynn M. Moore 1

Partner: New Brunswick Potato Agency

Abstract: Twenty-five potato varieties were planted May 17 at Whites Cove, NB and compared with six control varieties as greensprouted or cut seed. Data was collected regarding yields, tuber numbers and skinning 90 days after planting. When greensprouted, Envol (311 cwt/acre) equaled Eramosa (304 cwt/acre) and produced significantly more than Jemseg (236 cwt/acre). Carlton (285 cwt/acre) produced the most (28%) large tubers (3 - 4 ½"). Non-greensprouted CalWhite (282 cwt/acre) and AC Ptargmigan (278 cwt/acre) did not produce significantly more than Eramosa (256 cwt/acre), Quaggy Joe (256 cwt/acre) or Superior (253 cwt/acre). None of the reds out-yielded Dark Red Norland (253 cwt/acre). Of the four yellow fleshed varieties, F80054 had the highest yield (274 cwt/acre) comparing favourably to Yukon Gold (252 cwt/acre). Carola was immature at harvest (146 cwt/acre). Norgold Russet produced similarly to Goldrush. Of the four "all blue" type varieties, River John Blue produced the most marketable tubers (> 1 7/8"), 43% of its total yield of 139 cwt/acre. Envol did not skin when washed. Redsen with its bright red skin and ND3574-5R skinned only mildly. OAC Temagami, Rhine Red and Longlac skinned severely. Thirty-six (36) cwt of seventeen varieties was produced under trickle irrigation at the NB Horticulture Centre at Hoyt, NB. Yields varied from 88 cwt/acre for McIntyre to 296 cwt/acre for Quaggy Joe and 274 cwt/acre for Carola. Potatoes were used at a number of promotional events.

1 Potato Development Centre, NB Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, 39 Barker Lane, Wicklow, N.B. E7L 3S4

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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