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  Evaluation of Herbicides for Weed Control in Cuphea

G.L. Graham and D. Savoie

Abstract: Cuphea (Cuphea viscosissima x C. lanceolata) is a potential new crop for New Brunswick producers. Cuphea is slow to emerge and establish. This crop is best grown in weed–free conditions. Herbicide options for weed control were evaluated in a trial near New Denmark, New Brunswick. Plant emergence and resulting plant population was very low and may influence the results presented. Excellent crop tolerance was found following isoxaflutole, mesotrione PRE, glyphosate, clopyralid, sethoxydim and mesotrione POST. A high level of weed control was shown from isoxaflutole, mesotrione, glyphosate plus BAS 800H and nicosulfuron. Mesotrione and isoxaflutole provided both excellent weed control and crop tolerance. Both products should be evaluated further to understand their utility within cuphea production in New Brunswick.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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