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  Evaluation of Herbicide Options for Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculua repens) Control within Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Aiton Production

G.L. Graham and R.J.A. Tremblay

Abstract: An aggressive weed species in cranberry production is creeping buttercup, which readily grows along bed edges and drainage ditches, reducing yields. Mesotrione is currently labelled for suppression of creeping buttercup. Another product, chlorimuron–ethyl, has shown good potential for use in cranberry, with activity on creeping buttercup. A trial was initiated near Maugerville, New Brunswick in an established cranberry bed. Slight injury was detected early from chlorimuron–ethyl treatment, although the application timing may have been later than recommended. Chlorimuron–ethyl controlled the weed spectrum tested within the trial, while mesotrione suppressed the population. The tank mixes evaluated did not change crop injury or weed control ratings. The effect of repeated mesotrione applications or early chlorimuron–ethyl followed by late mesotrione should be evaluated to determine if additional weed control is gained from repeated applications.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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