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  Evaluation of Multiple Herbicide Application Timings for Common Groundsel Control in Strawberries

G.L. Graham and R.J.A. Tremblay

Abstract: Common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) is becoming more significant. Groundsel has a wide germination window with multiple weed recruitment periods throughout the growing season. No combination of herbicide treatments caused significant crop injury or yield effects, although yield was variable within the trial area. Groundsel control was variable as well, especially during ratings close to the end of the trial. Application of sulfentrazone at renovation offered the most dramatic groundsel control differences soon after application. Both mulch applications of either flumioxazin or sulfentrazone had adequate groundsel control within early spring. Control declined, however, at the time of crop harvest unless followed by an additional spring napropamide application. in this trial, spring napropamide treatment gave higher groundsel control later into the season than a fall application and helped extend groundsel control into the picking season. The difference between a late fall (mulching) and spring application of napropamide should be examined further. Based on this research, grower experience and current herbicide registrations in Canada, a targeted control strategy for groundsel in strawberry would include a clopyralid application prior to renovation to control established groundsel plants, a terbacil application soon after renovation to control newly germinating groundsel plants in the summer, flumioxazin (or potentially oxyflurofen) at mulching to control the first flush of spring groundsel and napropamide in the spring to carry groundsel control into the picking season.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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