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  Evaluation of Narrow-Leaved Goldenrod Control Options within Cranberry Production

G.L. Graham, R.J.A. Tremblay and G. Thebeau

Abstract: One problematic species in New Brunswick cranberry production is narrow-leaved goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia) as it typically grows shorter than most other goldenrod species and may be missed by summer glyphosate wiping. Goldenrod control with mesotrione can be variable in the field and control is not regularly achieved following application of currently registered application rates. A trial was initiated near Dorchester, New Brunswick in an established cranberry bed. Only DPX-MAT caused commercially significant crop injury following application and all other treatments would have an adequate margin of crops safety. A level of goldenrod suppression occurred after mesotrione use, with no difference between early and late application timings. Two applications of mesotrione improved weed control over one application for narrow leaf goldenrod. Two applications of mesotrione, quinclorac and DPX-MAT controlled narrow leaf goldenrod over most rating timings. Quinclorac use should be examined further, especially in combination with mesotrione. Indaziflam showed adequate cranberry tolerance, but weed control was not satisfactory within this trial. Further testing with indaziflam should focus on other weed targets.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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