Government of New Brunswick

Direct Deposit for Medicare Payments

Fee-for-service New Brunswick Medicare payments are made directly into the account of your choice at any bank, trust company, credit union, etc. in Canada. Direct deposit eliminates inconveniences caused by postal disruptions, lost or stolen cheques or the necessity to make special arrangements if you are away from home. It also assures that your payment will be available on the due date.

Q. Does direct deposit service involve any expense for me?
A. No.
Q. Must I change my bank or type of account?
A. No, our direct deposit service permits the deposit of your regular payments into any type of account in any bank, trust company, credit union, etc. in Canada.
Q. When will each payment be deposited in my account?
A. Each payment will be deposited on Friday of the regular payment week.
Q. What should I do if a deposit is not made on a due date?
A. First contact your bank. If the bank has not received the deposit, please contact Medicare at (506) 453-8274. It will be immediately investigated and the appropriate action will be taken.
Q. What should I do if I move, change my bank and/or type of account after accepting this service?
A. To avoid delay of receipt of payment, please notify Medicare in writing if you move, change your bank and/or type of account.
Q. Will I receive notification of the amount of deposit?
A. Yes, a Practitioner Payment Reconciliation Statement will be mailed to you every two weeks.

Please complete the New Brunswick Medicare Application for Direct Deposit and return along with a void cheque to:

Department of Health
Medicare Payments
PO Box 5100
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5G8