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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
New online tools for municipalities and groups promoting energy efficiency (10/06/22)
SAINT JOHN (CNB) - Efficiency NB has created a toolbox of resources to help municipalities and community groups educate residents about the importance and benefits of energy efficiency....
Efficiency NB wins international award (10/06/14)
Premier recognizes leaders in energy efficiency (10/05/14)
New campaign to help homeowners use less energy (10/04/20)
Province's energy efficiency program still available (10/04/06)
New guide for design, construction of energy-efficient buildings (10/03/29)
Energy efficiency program launched (10/03/03)
Workshop for pulp and paper mills (10/02/23)
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April  20, 2010
New campaign to help homeowners use less energy
A new consumer education campaign developed by Efficiency NB, called Your Energy, was launched today to help homeowners save money and use less...
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