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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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Civil Forfeiture Act expands ability to seize proceeds of crime (10/02/18)
Attorney General commends report highlighting online protection of children (09/11/20)
2009 Queen's counsel appointments named (09/11/12)
Minister's message on death of Lewis C. Ayles (09/10/23)
Resolution of the Erin Michael Walsh case announced (09/10/16)
Province reviewing decision by Court of Appeal (09/05/22)
Forfeited vehicles to be used in life-saving training (09/05/06)
New act to take the profit out of crime (09/04/06)
Minister recommends Criminal Code changes (09/02/11)
Same-sex benefits legislation introduced (08/11/26)
New provincial court judge appointed (08/11/17)
2008 Queen's counsel appointments named (08/10/29)
New judge appointed to provincial court (08/06/20)
Province files lawsuit against the tobacco industry (08/03/13)
2007 Queen's Counsel appointments named (07/11/08)
New Brunswick prosecutor awarded prestigious internship (07/11/02)
Service New Brunswick to accept fine payments for prescribed offences (07/03/30)
Province moves toward plans to sue tobacco companies (06/12/21)
Supreme Court upholds New Brunswick courts' position on aboriginal rights (06/12/07)
2006 Queen's counsel appointments named (06/11/20)
Two judicial appointments announced (06/11/20)
Outside counsel to determine course of action on Karl Toft prosecution (06/08/16)
New publication released for teachers dealing with harassment (06/02/27)
Guide for young parents released (06/02/10)
Bill would allow province to sue tobacco companies (05/12/07)
New family law materials available (05/11/15)
2005 Queen's Counsel appointments named (05/10/31)
Conference on understanding wrongful convictions (05/09/27)
REVISED / Family violence booklet for aboriginal women is now available (05/08/29)
Minister's statement / Supreme Court of Canada decision on Aboriginal forestry (05/07/20)
Attorney General is co-operating fully with commission investigation (05/06/17)
Agreement to fight cross-border fraud (05/05/18)
E-Laws to give New Brunswickers better access to justice (05/04/27)
Video on dealing with youth crime in the community (05/03/15)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers honoured at Legislative Assembly (04/12/06)
Queen's Counsel to be honoured at Legislative Assembly (04/11/17)
Workshop to teach inner workings of judicial system (04/10/07)
Tougher fines in force Aug. 1 (04/07/29)
Proceeds of Crime prosecutor named (04/06/14)
New Miramichi prosecutor named (04/03/22)
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