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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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Provincial government supports aquaculture (10/07/16)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Day at Aquarium and Marine Centre (10/07/14)
NB to host 2011 meeting of agriculture ministers (10/07/08)
Minister to meet with counterparts (10/07/02)
Milk 2020 receives government support (10/06/29)
Agriculture strategy released (10/06/23)
Member sought for Agricultural Development Board (10/06/16)
Investments made in Aquarium and Marine Centre (10/06/14)
Premier plants first vine at Ocean Spray cranberry project (10/06/01)
Additional $1 million for agriculture industry (10/05/25)
Governments of Canada, New Brunswick invest in agriculture (10/05/10)
New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre launches new website (10/05/05)
Farm income up in 2009 (10/04/26)
Minister's statement / National Soil Conservation Week (10/04/21)
Minister's statement / Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (10/03/12)
Minister comments on developments in chicken-processing sector (10/01/29)
Minister issues temporary order for workers in chicken-processing sector (10/01/20)
Hog farmers to receive 2009 targeted advance payments (09/10/30)
New Brunswick leadership in sustainable fisheries to be highlighted at international conference (09/10/27)
Minister promotes local food during national agri-tourism study tour (09/09/22)
Public invited to spend a day on a farm (09/09/17)
Agriculture and aquaculture minister supports the Eat Atlantic Challenge (09/08/24)
New Brunswick Fish Health Laboratory opens officially (09/07/28)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Day at New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre (09/07/15)
Province supports promotion of local Christmas trees (09/07/13)
Minister to discuss common agricultural goals at meeting with counterparts (09/07/07)
Minister's Round Table on Agriculture created (09/06/24)
Province invests $1.7 million in support of agriculture (09/06/22)
Updated aquaculture-site-allocation policy released (09/06/18)
Agriculture industry receives funding support for market development (09/06/05)
Ocean Spray to begin development of regional cranberry hub in New Brunswick (09/06/04)
New Brunswick, federal governments launch programs for agriculture producers (09/05/14)
Summit to be held to develop strategies for New Brunswick's aquaculture sector (09/04/15)
Canadian Agricultural Safety Week observed (09/03/16)
Agriculture and Aquaculture minister to lead trade mission to Cuba (09/03/06)
New Brunswick producers invited to participate in marketing caravan (09/02/10)
Agriculture ministers to discuss impact of economy on agriculture sector (09/02/06)
Consultations with aquaculture industry to precede summit (09/01/30)
Agriculture ministers agree to regional co-operation initiatives (09/01/26)
Atlantic agriculture ministers discuss regional co-operation (08/10/21)
Task groups seen as crucial step in development of agriculture plan (08/10/10)
Minister to head on fact-finding trip to Europe (08/09/26)
Harness racing industry offered assistance through new VLT program (08/09/22)
Public invited to participate in Open Farm Day (08/09/15)
Board members sought for Farm Products Commission (08/08/26)
Appreciation barbecue held for flood responders (08/08/20)
Province announces $850,000 in support of agriculture (08/07/30)
Minister to attend World Trade Organization discussions in Geneva (08/07/18)
Provincial government supports aquaculture research (08/07/18)
Minister promotes local agri-food products (08/07/16)
Historic agriculture agreement signed (08/07/11)
Minister to sign new agriculture pact (08/07/07)
Minister to promote local agri-food products (08/06/27)
Funding of $650,000 for agri-land development (08/06/25)
Governments invest $772,680 to revitalize New Brunswick orchards and vineyards (08/06/23)
Atlantic agriculture ministers commit to regional co-operation (08/06/16)
Increased collaboration to be discussed by Atlantic ministers of agriculture (08/06/13)
Information session for backyard poultry flock owners (08/06/11)
Amendment to maintain stability in chicken-processing sector (08/06/03)
Hog farmers to receive 2008 targeted advance payments (08/05/30)
New funding for strategic investments part of Agriculture and Aquaculture budget (08/05/15)
Agreement signed to enhance fish-health capabilities (08/05/12)
Province to provide funding for agri-food marketing initiative (08/04/24)
New insurance plan offered for fresh-market vegetable acreage loss (08/04/17)
Proposal for transformational change developed at provincial agriculture summit (08/04/04)
Governments provide certainty to New Brunswick producers (08/04/02)
Transforming Agriculture Together is theme of provincial summit (08/03/19)
Agricultural Safety Week recognized by provincial government (08/03/12)
New Brunswick unveils new seafood brand in Boston (08/02/25)
NFU accredited farm organization in New Brunswick (08/02/01)
Milk prices to increase Feb. 1 (08/01/28)
Province to loan money to hog producers (08/01/23)
Consultations with industry to lead to provincial agriculture summit (08/01/15)
Provincial agriculture summit to be held in early April (07/12/19)
Province provides funding for aquaculture sector (07/12/13)
$12 million federal-provincial investment made in Maritime beef processing industry (07/12/09)
New farm register to provide stable funding to agriculture organizations (07/11/30)
Minister visits Ottawa to promote aquaculture (07/11/21)
Progress on new programs for Canada's agricultural sector (07/11/19)
Minister to discuss new agriculture policy framework in Toronto (07/11/15)
New funding for standardbred horse industry in New Brunswick (07/11/08)
Strategic assistance for agriculture sector reaches $1 million mark (07/11/02)
November declared National 4-H Month in New Brunswick (07/10/30)
Province launches buy-local agri-food initiative (07/10/10)
Public invited to Open Farm Day (07/09/20)
Agri-land development program launched (07/09/17)
Agriculture ministers accelerate beef plant negotiations (07/09/14)
Province joins partnership to clean up Bay of Fundy beach (07/08/08)
Crop updates now available online (07/08/08)
Province commits to agriculture summit (07/07/18)
Minister announces funding in support of organic agriculture (07/06/22)
Ouellette to attend annual conference of agriculture ministers (07/06/22)
Funding for standardbred horse industry in New Brunswick (07/06/05)
Funding support for agricultural commodity sectors (07/06/01)
Minister announces funding in support of agriculture industry (07/05/18)
Funding of $3.8M to implement enhanced feed ban in New Brunswick (07/04/16)
New Brunswick Agri-environmental program modified (07/04/11)
Minister to discuss next generation of agriculture and agri-food policy in Winnipeg (07/04/10)
Canadian Agricultural Safety Week - March 14-20 (07/03/13)
Minister to discuss next generation of agriculture policy framework in Calgary (06/11/10)
N.B. producers export seed potatoes to Cuba (06/11/09)
Department is national finalist for prestigious IT award (06/11/06)
$3.3 million announced for halibut aquaculture research (06/08/09)
Province supports renewable-fuel-development project (06/08/02)
Potato Innovation Network launched (06/07/21)
New Brunswick, Alberta agree to harvest growing bioeconomy opportunities (06/06/25)
Minister to attend annual conference of agriculture ministers (06/06/23)
Legislation will promote competitiveness of seafood-processing sector (06/06/01)
New legislation to support funding of farm organizations (06/05/26)
Agricultural producers encouraged to participate in census (06/05/03)
Public input sought for Bay of Fundy resource plan (06/04/24)
Province supports research project in cod-aquaculture genomics (06/04/21)
Agriculture ministers call on federal government to move forward with plans to transform CAIS (06/04/07)
Maple syrup producers hosted at legislature (06/04/07)
New Brunswick companies to attend North America's premier seafood show (06/03/09)
Ministers declare Canadian Agricultural Safety Week - March 8-14 (06/03/08)
Agri-food marketing conference to be held in Memramcook (06/02/16)
Alward to seek early meeting with new federal ministers (06/02/07)
Milk prices to increase Feb. 1 (06/01/24)
REVISED/Atlantic agriculture ministers discuss marketing opportunities for locally produced food (06/01/12)
Maritime test results for avian influenza in waterfowl released (05/11/25)
Minister calls on federal government to support supply management system (05/11/21)
Water management program to assist N.B. farmers (05/11/18)
Province supports aquaculture in Canada's capital (05/11/15)
Minister takes fishery and aquaculture concerns to Ottawa (05/11/10)
Program to promote agricultural habitat conservation in the province (05/10/06)
Minister to push for federal support for salmon aquaculture industry (05/09/30)
Deadline extended for agricultural income stabilization program (05/09/29)
Open Farm Day 2005 in New Brunswick (05/09/21)
Open house at Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture office in Bouctouche (05/09/07)
Newfoundland and Labrador Minister tours N.B. aquaculture industry (05/08/25)
Potato Harvest Labour Recruitment Hotline will continue to address worker shortage (05/08/17)
Aquaculture Minister Alward to participate in Aquanor (05/08/03)
Alward responds to federal aquaculture announcement (05/07/12)
Progress made at annual Conference of Ministers of Agriculture (05/07/08)
Alward prepares for annual conference of Agriculture Ministers (05/06/30)
$4.47 million announced for environment programs for N.B. farmers (05/06/09)
Ministers seek federal response to salmon farm crises (05/05/30)
New Brunswick companies attend North America's premier seafood show (05/03/08)
Ministers declare Canadian Agricultural Safety Week March 9-15 (05/03/07)
Alward to participate in mid-year meeting of Agriculture ministers (05/03/01)
Alward returns with New Brunswick delegation from Cuba (05/03/01)
Alward to participate in delegation to Washington (05/02/08)
Funding for new N.B. meat plant (05/01/27)
Joint salmon farming task force established (05/01/25)
Department approves new aquaculture site in Bay of Fundy (04/12/10)
Innovative potato product developed in New Brunswick (04/11/18)
Beginning Farmer Initiative offers new planning services (04/11/02)
Maritime ministers develop common approach to help beef industry (04/10/20)
Potato harvest draws to a close (04/10/20)
Federal CAIS deadlines extended (04/09/30)
Alward satisfied with CCFAM meeting in Yukon (04/09/18)
Alward to participate in Annual Conference of Ministers of Agriculture (04/09/17)
Alward comments on federal BSE Contingency Initiative (04/09/10)
Livestock Operation License renewed for Metz Farm 2 Ltd. (04/08/20)
Start of the New Brunswick strawberry season (04/07/09)
Department approves new aquaculture site in Bay of Fundy (04/05/19)
Two deadline extensions for CAIS program (04/04/29)
New Brunswick to sign amendment to Agricultural Policy Framework (04/03/26)
New farm planning services now available in New Brunswick (04/03/16)
Premier, minister pleased with N.B. participation at Boston Seafood Show (04/03/15)
Minister Alward confirms changes to program to address BSE Issue (04/03/02)
New Brunswick potato industry generates more than $1.3 billion annually (04/02/12)
First meeting between federal and provincial agriculture ministers (04/01/29)
Funding for innovative research project to produce fuel from potato waste (04/01/23)
Guidebook on Best Management Practices: Marine Products Processing (04/01/06)
New assistance programs for New Brunswick beef and dairy producers (03/12/02)
Successful New Brunswick potato export to Cuba (03/11/27)
Minister participates in Canada/U.S. agriculture meeting (03/10/20)
Minister participates in Bay of Fundy Stakeholder Forum (03/10/16)
Apple season in New Brunswick (03/10/08)
Interim financial assistance program available to producers (03/09/23)
Application for BSE recovery program can now be received (03/07/16)
Horticultural co-operative launches label (03/07/11)
New Brunswick signs Agricultural Policy Framework Implementation Agreement (03/07/10)
Start of the New Brunswick strawberry season (03/07/02)
New Brunswick signs NISA enhancement with Government of Canada (03/05/09)
Institute to address greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture operations (03/05/02)
Department supports farm safety summer camp (03/05/02)
International company brings innovative seed potato technology to Hoyt (03/04/28)
Details of Agricultural Environment Management Initiative available (03/04/09)
Fish Health vet position filled for Bay of Fundy (03/04/02)
Department approves new aquaculture site in Bay of Fundy (03/04/01)
NB Farm Cash Receipts reach record high (03/03/13)
NB companies to attend Boston Seafood Show (03/03/07)
Board members appointed / New Brunswick Grain Commission (03/03/04)
Main estimates / Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture (03/01/29)
Compliance and enforcement efforts increased (03/01/16)
Department enacts new Agricultural Operations Practices Act (03/01/10)
Improved NISA agreement for N.B. swine and hog producers (02/12/18)
Increase in NB farm cash receipts (02/11/29)
Release of internal Red Tape Review report (02/11/27)
New Brunswick farmers to open their doors to the public (02/10/03)
Contribution of $175,000 to FREX (02/08/09)
Agro-environmental club set up (02/07/30)
New Brunswick signs federal-provincial-territorial APF agreement (02/06/27)
Twentieth anniversary / Shippagan Aquarium et Centre marin (02/06/05)
Federal-provincial funding to support agriculture innovation (02/05/24)
Agriculture Census results (02/05/16)
Department supports Organic Agriculture Centre for Canada (02/05/10)
Partial funding of technology showcase in St. Leonard and Siegas (02/05/10)
Haddock : From research lab to commercialization (02/05/09)
Meeting of federal, provincial, territorial agriculture ministers (02/05/08)
Department creates army worm hotline (02/05/01)
Second year of the Agricultural Environment Management Initiative (02/04/24)
Estimates for 2002-2003 / Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture (02/04/23)
Agro-environmental club exceeds number of required participants (02/04/08)
Net Income Stabilization Account enhancement (02/04/03)
Risk management program for potato growers (02/04/03)
Weston speaks to Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food (02/03/21)
New Brunswick will provide assistance to Metz for technological solution (02/03/08)
New Brunswick government supports farming industry (02/03/07)
Agro-environmental club established (02/02/26)
Department takes action on Red Tape Reduction Committee recommendation (02/01/04)
Minister urges New Brunswickers to participate in NB Sharing (01/12/13)
Activity report on Agricultural Environment Management Initiative (01/12/04)
Agri-food incomes show steady rise (01/11/30)
Direct financial assistance provided to N.B. agricultural producers (01/10/24)
Income assistance available this fall for farmers (01/10/03)
Minister to head Canadian delegation in Mexico (01/09/05)
Premier appoints experts committee on Metz Farms 2 Ltd. (01/08/02)
Metz Farms 2 Ltd granted access to additional farmland (01/07/13)
Army worm infestation update (01/07/13)
Canadian seed producers converge on Fredericton (01/07/11)
Reports of army worms on the rise in the province (01/07/06)
Army worm advisory issued (01/06/29)
New federal-provincial agreement for chicken (01/06/29)
Manure spreading to stop at Metz Farms 2 (01/06/20)
New Agricultural Environment Management Initiative (01/06/19)
Partage NB Sharing reaches $140,000 mark (01/06/06)
Agricultural risk management program (01/05/24)
Reminder issued when planting potatoes in province (01/05/22)
Enhanced safety net funding in department estimates (01/05/17)
Minister pleased with Metz Farms 2 water quality report (01/04/27)
Series of information meetings on foot-and-mouth disease (01/04/11)
Minister allocates one new aquaculture site in Bay of Fundy (01/04/04)
Province to host Atlantic conference on farm challenges (01/03/20)
Top agriculture officials meet in Washington to discuss trade issues (01/02/27)
Statement by Minister Paul Robichaud / Equine clinic services (01/02/23)
Appointment of new aquaculture veterinarian (01/02/21)
Integrated pest management workshop / Moncton (01/02/16)
Partage NB Sharing passes $100,000 mark (00/12/07)
New agriculture office to open in the Acadian Peninsula (00/12/04)
New departmental structure announced (00/10/31)
Posthumous honour for Saunders / Atlantic Agriculture Hall of Fame (00/10/25)
Policy released on aquaculture site allocation in the Bay of Fundy (00/10/17)
First-ever Open Farm Day / OCT. 1 (00/09/28)
Home gardeners asked to watch for Late Blight (00/09/05)
Agricultural Coalition report will get serious consideration (00/08/18)
Robichaud to co-chair international advisory group (00/08/16)
Study released on economic value of marine-related resources (00/08/09)
Minister wraps up province-wide farm tour (00/07/28)
Agriculture adaptive research supported by Province (00/07/27)
Launch of NB Beef Quality Marketing Initiative (00/07/26)
NB Sharing program passes $60,000 mark (00/07/12)
New Brunswick share of safety net funds increases (00/07/05)
Agriculture ministers to meet in Fredericton (00/06/30)
Budget estimates highlight shared solutions (00/06/15)
National Soil Conservation Week, April 16-22 (00/04/19)
Department of Food Production to get new name (00/04/13)
SPCA resumes animal protection role (00/04/12)
Book launch / 30th anniversary of Quebec-NB agreement / APRIL 12
Province continuing to honour commitments to SPCA (00/04/10)
Government and agriculture coalition to have formal consultation (00/04/07)
Minister to meet with farm coalition (00/04/04)
Farmers can now register up to 12 trucks (00/04/01)
NB companies off to Boston Seafood Show (00/03/02)
N.B. delegation attends major potato conference in Cuba (00/02/28)
Farmers, food banks and community kitchens to benefit from Partage NB Sharing (00/02/24)
N.B. Horticulture Congress 2000 / Feb. 18-19 (00/02/16)
Hub Meat plant sold to Maple Leaf Foods (00/02/11)
New SPCA Act to be proclaimed March 1 (00/02/03)
Two Agri-food Marketing Awards presented (00/01/28)
Five new aquaculture jobs in Lamèque (00/01/24)
Administrative reorganization at Aquarium and Marine Centre (00/01/18)
Agri-food Marketing Awards presented (00/01/17)
1999 Minister's marketing awards (99/11/25)
N.B. food and beverage processors form association (99/11/24)
Agriculture appreciation night (99/11/15)
Federal changes impact farm safety nets (99/11/05)
William H. (Bill) Sherwood inducted/Agricultural Hall of Fame (99/10/27)
Workshops for cottage industry producers (99/10/12)
Cattle Retention Program (99/09/24)
New Brunswick Provincial Dairy Show, Sept. 24 (99/09/22)
New Brunswick Beef Expo Sept 24-25 (99/09/22)
Seminar / Exporting to Latin America (99/09/15)
Horticulture centre open house AUG. 28 (99/08/23)
Ukrainian delegation visiting province (99/08/12)
Kent County hog farm receives licence (99/08/03)
Province to hold student biotech exhibition in 2001 (99/07/27)
Fredericton to host international conference in biotechnology (99/07/21)
New program will help micro businesses grow (99/07/21)
Ministers meet with hog farm opponents (99/07/15)
New Brunswick presents Gulf of Maine Visionary Awards (99/07/05)
Greenhouse raspberries produced faster than in field (99/06/02)
Investment of close to $2 million in aquaculture and commercial fisheries (99/05/06)
May 15 deadline for wild blueberry programs (99/05/04)
Major agricultural project in Kent County (99/04/29)
New Livestock Operations Act proclaimed (99/04/28)
Cranberry Industry Development Initiative (99/04/27)
Minister confident that Baxter Foods has future in New Brunswick (99/04/23)
Marketing and industry development funds available (99/04/20)
Human Resource Development and Training Funds Available (99/04/19)
Meeting of ministers responsible for fisheries and aquaculture in Quebec City (99/04/14)
Grain Self-Sufficiency Program available (99/04/13)
New Brunswick specialty food mission to Toronto (99/04/12)
Agriculture land development programs offered (99/04/12)
Manure storage initiative available (99/04/07)
Farmers urged to register for card (99/03/31)
Minister's marketing awards presented (99/03/26)
Renowned speakers, panelists / Rural Development conference (99/03/11)
New Brunswick companies off to Boston Seafood Show (99/03/11)
New Brunswick delegation plans Mexico trade mission (99/03/11)
International conference to be held in Saint John (99/03/10)
N.B. companies seek sales in Trinidad and Barbados (99/03/05)
Agriculture trade mission to Cuba (99/03/03)
Cottage winery and distillery information workshop (99/02/23)
Internship program for next generation of farmers (99/02/17)
N.B. farmers prepare for world trade negotiations (99/02/12)
Cranberry, blueberry development in Acadian peninsula (99/02/10)
Women in Agriculture Awards to be presented Feb. 15 (99/02/05)
Cottage Industry Training Workshops (99/02/01)
New Brunswick, Ukraine sign agreement (99/01/29)
Apply now for agriculture research funds (99/01/27)
Agricultural Advisory Committee on the Environment (99/01/26)
Agriculture minister to sign MOU with Ukraine province (99/01/22)
International committee to study aquaculture (99/01/20)
Province enhances sustainability of salmon industry (99/01/13)
Farmers' markets training sessions (99/01/06)
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