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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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New energy partnerships possible between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia (10/07/20)
Government to support L'Acadie des terres et forêts show (10/06/25)
Premier, provincial ministers to meet with prime minister, federal ministers (10/04/26)
Trade delegation headed to United States (10/04/09)
Meeting discusses 2014 Congrès Mondial Acadien (10/02/23)
Premier to participate in Canadian mission to Washington (10/02/17)
REVISED / Funds for bursary program for internships in Francophonie du Sud (10/02/15)
New Brunswick to celebrate International Francophonie Day in Saint John (10/02/12)
Special flag boxes made (10/02/09)
New Brunswick contributing $100,000 in aid to Haiti (10/01/14)
Investiture ceremony held for Order of New Brunswick (09/10/28)
New lieutenant-governor installed (09/09/30)
Energy to top list of discussion topics at upcoming conference (09/09/11)
NEG/ECP conference to be green event (09/09/09)
Monument honouring Irish emigrants to New Brunswick unveiled (09/09/02)
Members of Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie attend World Acadian Congress (09/08/16)
New Brunswick and France's Département du Nord renew co-operation agreement (09/08/14)
New Brunswick renews co-operation with Louisiana (09/08/14)
Fourth World Acadian Congress officially opens (09/08/07)
Premier announces Order of New Brunswick recipients (09/08/03)
Acadian Peninsula to have high-speed Internet access in time for World Acadian Congress (09/07/28)
Premier to promote business opportunities during conference (09/07/24)
Province submits comments on Downeast LNG draft environmental impact statement (09/07/07)
Ambassadors visit New Brunswick (09/06/23)
New Brunswick to assess Downeast LNG draft of environmental impact study (09/05/20)
New Brunswickers should apply for passport or alternate document for cross-border travel (09/03/31)
Signing of memorandum ensures Canada's participation in La Francophonie (09/03/18)
New Brunswick to celebrate International Francophonie Day in Dalhousie (09/03/11)
Op-Ed / PARE, partnerships benefit province (09/02/26)
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia premiers agree to reduce regulatory barriers (09/02/24)
Premier and ministers to meet with federal ministers in Ottawa (09/02/10)
Premier's Committee on Acadian and Francophone Issues established (08/12/18)
Driver's licence reciprocity agreement reached with Belgium (08/12/10)
New Brunswick companies seek trade opportunities in China (08/10/29)
Premier to lead New Brunswick delegation to China (08/10/21)
Co-operation agreement renewed with Mali (08/10/15)
Premier heads New Brunswick delegation to Francophonie summit (08/10/10)
New Brunswick and Quebec increase co-operation (08/10/03)
REVISED / New Brunswick to host 2009 Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (08/09/16)
Provinces agree to explore Maritime-wide radio communications system (08/09/10)
New Brunswick Day at the Francodôme in Quebec City (08/08/05)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (08/08/04)
Governments support Digby-Saint John ferry service (08/08/01)
Financial support for organization of 2009 World Acadian Congress (08/06/25)
REVISED/New Brunswick delegation to attend business conference (08/06/13)
Federal and provincial governments support French-language education (08/05/30)
Expansion of Centre scolaire-communautaire Samuel-de-Champlain officially opened (08/05/30)
Francodôme and Francoforce project unveiled (08/05/20)
New Brunswick to host Conference of Francophone International Non-Governmental Organizations (08/04/16)
N.B. and Romania celebrate International Francophonie Day together (08/03/14)
New Community Development Trust to help Canadians adjust to global economic volatility (08/01/10)
Atlantic cabinets to meet in January 2008 (07/11/19)
New Brunswick to join Southeastern United States-Canada Alliance (07/11/14)
Premier and ministers to meet key federal ministers in Ottawa (07/10/21)
Reception held in honour of Michel Conte (07/10/17)
Government announces official languages amendment to New Brunswick's RCMP agreement (07/09/24)
New Brunswick - Manitoba agreement leads to further co-operation (07/09/13)
Federal, provincial, and territorial conference on the Canadian Francophonie (07/09/11)
New Brunswick delegation successful at 37th Festival Interceltique de Lorient (07/08/13)
2008 Council of the Federation meeting to be held in Québec City (07/08/10)
Premiers strengthen trade (07/08/10)
Council of the Federation commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (07/08/10)
Council of the Federation plants trees to offset conference greenhouse gas emissions (07/08/09)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (07/08/06)
Final details for Council of the Federation meeting (07/08/01)
New Brunswick to participate in the Interceltic Festival of Lorient (07/08/01)
Irish delegation to visit New Brunswick (07/07/13)
12th Francophonie Summit / Signing of memorandum of understanding (07/06/15)
New Brunswick delegation at Rendez-vous Acadie-Québec 2007 (07/06/13)
Council of the Federation meets in Moncton / Media accreditation required (07/06/04)
Construction contract awarded for phase two expansion at school (07/06/04)
Funding announced for official-language support programs and la Francophonie (07/04/05)
Celebration of International Francophonie Day and Burkina Faso Days (07/03/15)
N.B. files motion to suspend FERC proceedings in Maine (07/02/27)
Minister Byrne to meet with federal counterparts in Ottawa (07/02/26)
N.B. to obtain official intervener status / Maine LNG terminals (07/01/15)
Minister Albert meets with Secretary-General of OIF (07/01/12)
Minister Albert visits Poitiers (07/01/11)
Productive meetings during minister's mission to France (07/01/10)
Human Resources minister to travel to France (07/01/03)
University students invited to apply for interprovincial summer employment (06/12/15)
Premier and finance minister host round-table discussion on fiscal imbalance (06/12/08)
First bilateral meeting between ministers Albert and Verner (06/11/06)
Maurice Rioux joins New Brunswick office in Ottawa (06/10/17)
Francophonie Summit / Establishment of New Brunswick/Romania working group (06/09/28)
Francophonie Summit - Twinning of New Brunswick and Romanian schools (06/09/27)
Meeting of Atlantic premiers with federal regional ministers postponed (06/08/18)
Atlantic premiers to meet with federal regional ministers in Moncton (06/08/09)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (06/08/07)
Province signs memorandum of understanding with China (06/05/30)
Governments of New Brunswick and Canada support French-language education and second-language instruction (06/05/24)
New Brunswick and Canada support Romania in hosting La Francophonie Summit (06/05/24)
Positive developments for New Brunswick delegation in Romania (06/05/19)
Mission focuses on partnerships between New Brunswick and Romania (06/05/16)
Agreement reached on softwood-lumber dispute (06/04/28)
Books and computers sent to Burkina Faso (06/04/25)
Increased co-operation between New Brunswick and Québec (06/04/18)
New Brunswick is guest of honour at the Proxi'Loisirs show in Poitiers (06/03/31)
Romanian ambassador to Canada visits Fredericton / Francophonie Summit (06/03/22)
Ministers head to Ottawa to meet new federal counterparts (06/02/20)
Deadline extended for Interprovincial Exchange Program (06/02/02)
University students invited to apply for interprovincial summer employment (06/01/16)
Collaborative investment proposal for federal government tabled (05/12/16)
Government pleased with Clément Duhaime's appointment to OIF (05/12/07)
Mockler to take part in Ministerial Conference of the Francophonie (05/11/21)
Governments support school-community centre expansion in Fredericton and Saint John (05/11/19)
Investiture ceremony / 2005 Order of New Brunswick recipients (05/10/27)
Tenth Ministerial Conference on Francophone Affairs (05/10/12)
Government employees launch 2005 Provincial United Way Campaign (05/10/05)
Mockler, Scott meet to discuss key federal/provincial files (05/09/12)
Statement by the Government of New Brunswick in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina (05/09/01)
Multi-year agreement to support French language services (05/08/18)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (05/08/01)
Unveiling of monument commemorating the Great Upheaval of 1755 (05/07/28)
Mockler continues charge to free up Canadian marketplace (05/06/06)
Co-operation agreement on the Francophonie signed with Quebec (05/06/03)
New co-operation agreement with Mali (05/05/13)
Innovative approach to rural community development (05/04/26)
Rendez-vous Acadie-Québec 2005: Strengthening our economies (05/04/21)
International Francophonie Day celebrations in New Brunswick (05/03/15)
Mockler part of high-level Canadian trade delegation to Washington (05/03/02)
Nominations open for Order of New Brunswick (05/02/24)
Mockler attends Federal-Provincial-Territorial Trade Ministers Meeting (05/02/18)
New Brunswick delegation wraps up mission to Texas (05/01/28)
Texas, Manitoba and New Brunswick promote trade opportunities (05/01/28)
Premier congratulates Canada's new Ambassador to the United States (05/01/14)
Launch of Interprovincial Summer Employment Exchange Program for university students (05/01/07)
New Brunswick contributing $100,000 in aid to Southeast Asia (04/12/30)
Ministers' message on Southeast Asian natural disaster (04/12/29)
Premier Lord welcomes France's ambassador to Canada (04/12/10)
Successful meeting on internal trade (04/12/06)
Mockler leads efforts to free up Canadian marketplace (04/12/03)
Strategic framework a major milestone for Francophonie: Premier (04/11/28)
Francophonie Summit / Premier advocates economic partnerships and greater role for private sector (04/11/26)
Performance by Ode à l'Acadie at 10th Francophonie Summit (04/11/25)
Premier opens community access centre in Burkina Faso (04/11/25)
Ode à l'Acadie to attend 10th Francophone Summit (04/10/28)
Highlights of Ministerial Conference on Francophone Affairs (04/10/15)
Mockler congratulates members of Quebec National Assembly (04/10/13)
Mockler confident about Conference of Francophone Ministers (04/10/13)
Investiture ceremony / Order of New Brunswick 2004 recipients (04/10/08)
United Way campaign for government employees (04/09/09)
Delegation from Government of Kenya visits Service New Brunswick (04/08/31)
Council of the Federation initiative takes steps to improve domestic trade (04/08/11)
REVISED / Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (04/08/02)
Conference seeks to establish N.B. as better destination for immigrants (04/06/25)
Signing of MOU between N.B. and Département du Nord, France (04/06/24)
Ministers meet with Ambassador of Uruguay (04/06/21)
National Aboriginal Day festivities to be held June 21 in Fredericton (04/06/18)
Amendment to Order of New Brunswick Act (04/06/02)
Opening of the National Youth Integration Forum (04/05/31)
Immigration conference to take place June 24 - 25 (04/05/28)
Mockler defends Atlantic Canada position on softwood lumber (04/05/18)
Maine-New Brunswick Border Summit takes place May 7 - 8 (04/05/03)
Mockler to attend ministers' meeting on internal trade (04/04/27)
Youth Forum at the next meeting of Council of the Federation (04/04/23)
International Francophonie Day, March 20 (04/03/19)
New play an asset for tourism development in Bouctouche (04/03/16)
April 30 deadline for Order of New Brunswick nominations (04/03/15)
New Brunswick International Day takes place in Ottawa (04/03/09)
Mockler applauds decision for 2009 World Acadian Congress (04/02/23)
Premier, minister to enhance co-operation between New Brunswick and Maine (04/02/17)
New silver dollar honours first French settlement in North America (04/02/03)
Mockler to promote N. B. priorities in Ottawa (04/01/26)
Financial support for Acadian Peninsula bid for 2009 World Acadian Congress (04/01/14)
Launch of Interprovincial Summer Employment Exchange Program for university students (04/01/08)
Maine-New Brunswick Legislative Conference postponed (04/01/06)
Premiers create Council of the Federation (03/12/05)
Investiture ceremony held for Order of New Brunswick (03/12/03)
Maine-New Brunswick Legislative Conference to be held in January 2004 (03/11/20)
New co-operation agreement with Département de la Vienne, France (03/11/13)
Four partnership agreements signed with Département de la Vienne (03/11/13)
Mockler signs intent to co-operate with Département du Nord (03/11/10)
Mockler launches 2004 activities in France (03/11/08)
Mockler to lead diplomatic mission to France (03/10/31)
Mockler to host French delegation (03/10/22)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (03/10/20)
Mockler satisfied with Conference on Francophone Affairs (03/09/19)
Mockler to participate in Ministerial Conference on Francophone Affairs (03/09/16)
Maine-New Brunswick Legislative Conference 2003 (03/08/11)
Visit by the Secretary General of the International Organization of the Francophonie (03/06/20)
International youth meeting on the information society in Shippagan (03/05/15)
Premier releases New Brunswick's international strategy (03/04/01)
Minister's message / International Francophonie Day (03/03/19)
Investment of $2 million for New Brunswick 2004 Initiative (03/03/13)
Francophonie Concert scheduled for March 20 in Moncton (03/03/10)
Launch of Interprovincial Summer Employment Exchange Program (03/01/09)
Queen opens Sussex Jubilee Hall, new Moncton airport (02/10/12)
Royal Visit to Fredericton viewed by thousands (02/10/11)
First investiture ceremony held for Order of New Brunswick (02/10/11)
Detailed itinerary for Royal Visit / Media information (02/10/03)
Media accreditation deadline extended for Royal Visit (02/09/12)
Sept. 11 commemorative ceremony held at legislature (02/09/11)
Order of New Brunswick recipients announced (02/09/09)
Seven New Brunswickers to discover international Francophonie (02/09/04)
Details confirmed on Royal Visit to New Brunswick (02/08/28)
MOU on International Emergency Management Assistance (02/08/27)
NB delegation places second / Jeux de la francophonie canadienne (02/08/07)
Torch for 2002 Jeux de la francophonie canadienne reaches host city (02/07/22)
Province to take part in Jeux de la francophonie canadienne (02/07/11)
Delegation from the Département de la Vienne visits New Brunswick (02/06/24)
Provincial and federal Francophonie ministers meet (02/05/24)
June 19 deadline for Order of New Brunswick nominations (02/05/09)
New Brunswick's participation in international Francophonie spans 25 years (02/03/20)
International Francophonie Day, March 20 (02/03/07)
Robichaud participates in Francophonie Ministers Conference (02/01/10)
Order of New Brunswick design unveiled (01/11/19)
Increased co-operation with Quebec (01/10/16)
Minister to attend 6th Ministerial Conference on Francophone Affairs (01/09/27)
Declaration and action plan adopted / Ministerial Conference on Culture (01/06/21)
Third Ministerial Conference on Culture / Cotonou, Benin (01/06/07)
Round table on cultural dialogue / May 25 - 27 / Moncton (01/05/24)
Exhibition celebrates founding of New France and first governor (01/05/09)
Journée Internationale de la Francophonie (01/03/20)
CONFEJES Ministers' Conference - Cairo (01/02/20)
Reception held to honour government United Way volunteers (01/01/25)
Opening of Information Mobility / Youth Mobility Program (00/10/10)
Delegation from Ireland visits province (00/05/19)
ACET - Edmundston / Tourism Agreement with France (00/05/10)
30th anniversary of Quebec / New Brunswick Co-operation Agreement (00/04/12)
Spin-offs from 8th Francophonie Summit (00/03/20)
Francophonie youth mobility program (99/12/16)
Agreement signed between Acadian Peninsula and Senegal 99/09/05)
Summit / Isabelle Chiasson encourages dialogue to promote democracy (99/09/05)
Youth call for countries of the Francophonie to sign the Ottawa Convention (99/09/05)
Summit / Malian President urges youth to get organized (99/09/04)
Summit / Young people make themselves heard (99/09/03)
Summit / 52 young Canadians present at deliberations (99/09/03)
Summit / Salon de l'Atlantique in media centre (99/09/02)
Youth activities at the 8th Francophonie Summit (99/09/01)
Saint-Antoine welcomes Young Pages to Moncton summit (99/09/01)
Talking circle activity/Fort Folly Aboriginal community (99/09/01)
Vitrine technologique at La Place du Sommet: a virtual exhibition (99/09/01)
Youth central to concerns and exchanges at 8th Francophonie Summit (99/08/23)
Promotion of New Brunswick food products (99/08/17)
Major artistic event planned for 8th Francophonie Summit (99/08/12)
Winning pieces of artwork to be given to heads of state and government (99/07/15)
Young people invited to share thoughts on Francophonie (99/07/07)
International Francophone Youth Forum in Shippagan (99/05/20)
First winners of the Francophone Future contest (99/05/13)
Final round table on youth in Caraquet (99/05/13)
Francophonie summit / 6000 pieces of artwork received (99/05/12)
CPF expresses solidarity with Kosovo (99/04/29)
CPF suspends cooperation with Niger (99/04/29)
Environment the focus of discussions in Richibucto (99/04/26)
Round table on sustainable development in Richibucto (99/04/22)
International Youth Forum / May 23-30 (99/04/09)
Chiasson and Larocque to represent province in Geneva (99/03/01)
Multicultural meeting/Round table on youth / Miramichi(99/02/19)
Youth and Co-operation Round Table / Saint John / Jan. 29-31 (99/01/28)
Launch of sponsorship campaign for Francophone Summit (99/01/26)
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