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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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Credit disclosure protection improved for consumers (10/07/15)
Consumer protection regarding pre-purchase funeral services (10/07/09)
Funding for enhanced family justice services announced (10/06/25)
New Brunswick online court index updated (10/06/17)
New publication for youth in care (10/05/12)
Law Week activities (10/04/15)
Family Support payments to be accepted at Service New Brunswick (10/03/29)
New family justice system website (10/03/23)
More protection for consumers under the Insurance Act (10/02/24)
Details of family law pilot project (10/02/10)
Victim Services production wins international award (09/12/10)
Joint working group to examine legislation to protect children's privacy (09/12/04)
Legislation to combat criminal activity to be introduced (09/11/30)
2009 Queen's counsel appointments named (09/11/12)
Federal / provincial / territorial ministers address justice, public safety issues (09/10/30)
Province harmonizes regulations under Collection Agencies Act (09/10/20)
Three new provincial court judges appointed (09/10/01)
New information materials released to help prevent elder abuse (09/10/01)
Publications on family support now available (09/07/27)
New location for Shediac satellite court proceedings (09/07/16)
Saint John to be site of family justice pilot project (09/07/14)
New chair of New Brunswick Securities Commission appointed (09/06/30)
Justice Joseph Z. Daigle to be honoured (09/06/17)
Pilot project, committee established in response to family justice report (09/06/02)
Road safety and injury prevention are focus of community outreach tour (09/06/01)
Comments on Franchises Act regulations now being accepted (09/04/16)
Child support enforcement measures have made a difference (09/02/19)
Campaign to promote violence-free homes, communities (09/02/13)
Province moves forward on plans for new Saint John courthouse (09/01/30)
Province announces Moncton courthouse details (09/01/20)
Minister responds to report from expert panel on securities regulation (09/01/13)
Guidelines respecting expiry dates, fees on gift cards now in effect (08/12/22)
New provincial court judge appointed (08/12/19)
Appointments to Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation announced (08/12/15)
Minister introduces Court Security Act (08/12/12)
Minister responds to comments regarding lawsuit against the province (08/11/21)
New provincial court judge appointed (08/11/17)
Gift card campaign to promote safe driving to new drivers (08/11/13)
Courts install video conferencing equipment (08/11/04)
Province selects private partner for Moncton courthouse project (08/10/23)
Board members sought for New Brunswick Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corp. (08/10/02)
New motorists encouraged to use First Chance program (08/09/10)
More children receiving support payments (08/08/29)
New members appointed to the New Brunswick Securities Commission (08/08/22)
Most drivers paying less for auto insurance (08/08/12)
Revised information brochures for survivors of family violence (08/08/12)
Atlantic ministers discuss justice and public safety issues (08/07/03)
New judge appointed to provincial court (08/06/20)
Information pamphlet published for couples getting married (08/06/17)
Nursing home pension plan legislation introduced (08/06/03)
PLEIS-NB launches new publication (08/05/30)
Office of the Public Trustee to officially open (08/05/30)
Government introduces gift card legislation (08/05/27)
Province introduces amendments to Credit Unions Act (08/05/14)
Government spotlights dangers of distracted driving (08/05/06)
Delays expected in some child support payments due to flooding (08/05/01)
Province issues request for proposals for Moncton courthouse project (08/04/25)
Sheriff's vans to be replaced with more fuel-efficient cars (08/04/22)
New enforcement tools for family support orders (08/02/08)
Task force on access to family justice (08/02/07)
Saint John courthouse project will be public-private partnership (07/12/18)
Province to strengthen Credit Unions Act (07/12/13)
Upcoming meeting of federal, provincial and territorial justice ministers (07/11/13)
Two new members appointed to New Brunswick Securities Commission (07/09/25)
Symposium to raise awareness of human trafficking (07/09/20)
New publication launched to prevent child abuse (07/09/12)
Lawyers retained for tobacco lawsuit (07/09/12)
Access to legal aid is top priority at upcoming meetings (07/09/11)
Atlantic ministers meet to discuss public safety and justice issues (07/09/07)
Government announces plan to close more courthouses as part of consolidation plan (07/08/29)
New auto insurance territories announced (07/07/11)
Booklet explains sexual assault law (07/05/29)
Popular booklet reissued in more accessible forms (07/05/25)
Official launch of new domestic violence court (07/05/18)
Brochure on spanking and disciplining of children released (07/04/24)
Financial details released on government package to credit unions (07/03/26)
New judge appointed to Provincial Court (07/03/23)
Caisse populaire de Shippagan to return to francophone sector (07/03/08)
Consumer advocate's office marks second anniversary (07/03/07)
Launch of new publication on charitable giving (07/01/17)
Government and sheriffs union reach agreement (06/12/06)
New legal aid office opens in Tracadie-Sheila (06/11/20)
Negotiator appointed for discussions with insurance industry (06/10/19)
Ministers for justice and public safety call for better access to justice (06/10/13)
Conference on family violence prevention in Aboriginal communities (06/09/27)
Legal aid office holds open house (06/08/10)
Bell sworn in as Court of Queen's Bench judge (06/08/02)
Moncton announced as site of first specialized domestic violence court (06/07/27)
Panel on domestic violence courts held in Moncton (06/06/01)
New courtroom to provide increased access (06/05/16)
Legislation permitting class-action litigation introduced (06/04/26)
Consumers who pre-purchase funeral services to be better protected (06/04/25)
Additional funding announced for Moncton courthouse (06/04/25)
New publication released for teachers dealing with harassment (06/02/27)
Guide for young parents released (06/02/10)
Minister's statement following Miramichi hospital trial (06/02/07)
N.B. Insurance Board chair and vice-chair named (06/01/13)
R. Leslie Jackson to become associate chief judge (05/12/22)
Bill would allow province to sue tobacco companies (05/12/07)
Legislation would ensure fairness in franchising (05/12/07)
N.B. Legal Aid Services Commission to begin work (05/12/02)
Funding for family violence prevention project for aboriginal communities (05/11/25)
Unlimited deposit insurance for credit union and caisse populaire members (05/11/22)
New family law materials available (05/11/15)
2005 Queen's Counsel appointments named (05/10/31)
Conference on understanding wrongful convictions (05/09/27)
REVISED / Family violence booklet for aboriginal women is now available (05/08/29)
New Provincial Court judge sworn in (05/07/22)
Minister's statement / Supreme Court of Canada decision on Aboriginal forestry (05/07/20)
New Provincial Court judge appointed (05/06/30)
Attorney General is co-operating fully with commission investigation (05/06/17)
New Public Trustee can assist families (05/06/01)
Greater enforcement of family support (05/05/25)
Agreement to fight cross-border fraud (05/05/18)
E-Laws to give New Brunswickers better access to justice (05/04/27)
Video on dealing with youth crime in the community (05/03/15)
New program puts students in judge's role (05/02/22)
Protect your customers and your business from identity theft (05/02/21)
Special session of Court of Appeal for retiring judge (05/02/11)
Ministers: Federal funds needed for legal aid (05/01/27)
Legal Aid Services Commission proposed (05/01/18)
New Consumer Advocate nominated (04/12/14)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers honoured at Legislative Assembly (04/12/06)
Queen's Counsel to be honoured at Legislative Assembly (04/11/17)
Campbellton court facilities expanding (04/11/08)
New help for separating parents (04/10/08)
Workshop to teach inner workings of judicial system (04/10/07)
New Brunswick Insurance Board named (04/09/23)
Court of Appeal marks opening session (04/09/15)
Facility Association use decreases by over 75 per cent (04/08/25)
Tougher fines in force Aug. 1 (04/07/29)
New Brunswick Securities Commission opens for business (04/07/05)
Province to restore legal aid services (04/06/29)
Auto insurance reforms to lower rates, increase choice, help first-time drivers
Settlement agreement / Jarislowsky Fraser Limited (04/06/15)
Proceeds of Crime prosecutor named (04/06/14)
Rentalsman forms now available online (04/05/10)
REVISED / Investor Education Contest winner announced (04/04/23)
New securities legislation introduced (04/04/20)
REVISED / Renewed funding agreement for Child-Centred Family Justice Strategy (04/04/16)
Injunction issued by Securities Administration Branch (04/03/31)
New Miramichi prosecutor named (04/03/22)
Consultation on protecting victims of domestic violence (04/02/19)
Interim injunction issued (04/02/11)
Family support orders now easier to enforce (04/02/03)
Third Judicial Remuneration Commission appointed (04/01/27)
Agreement on consumer protection initiatives (04/01/20)
Protect yourself against identity theft (04/01/15)
Provincial Court judges sworn in (04/01/09)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers honoured at Legislative Assembly (03/12/16)
Two new judges appointed to New Brunswick Provincial Court (03/12/12)
Changes introduced to Judicial Remuneration Commission (03/12/09)
Appointment of Patricia Cumming as Associate Chief Judge (03/12/05)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers appointed Queen's counsel (03/11/25)
New Court of Queen's Bench judge sworn in (03/11/20)
New Brunswick Court of Appeal justice sworn in (03/11/17)
New Court of Queen's Bench judge sworn in (03/11/17)
New Provincial Court judge sworn in (03/10/31)
Official opening of renovated Tracadie-Sheila court facilities (03/10/24)
Automobile insurance information line established (03/10/21)
Province to ask Supreme Court for leave to appeal Bernard decision (03/10/16)
Settlement reached with Aegon Dealer Services Canada Inc.(03/10/10)
Key issues discussed at meeting of Justice Ministers (03/10/02)
Company responds to government insurance reforms (03/09/30)
Release of consultation paper on public auto insurance (03/09/24)
New Provincial Court Judge announced (03/09/15)
Official opening of new Miramichi Law Courts building (03/09/12)
Province will not prosecute federal firearms registration offences (03/08/22)
Sheriffs honoured at peace officers' memorial ceremony (03/08/22)
Settlement agreement / Jones Heward Investment Counsel Inc. (03/08/19)
New Brunswick Crown prosecutor wins prestigious award (03/08/19)
National law conference concludes today (03/08/15)
Charitable Groups Targeted (03/06/20)
Insurance Act regulation caps minor personal injury claims (03/06/16)
Securities Administration Branch issues investor alert (03/06/13)
Two new Insurance Act regulations now in effect (03/05/01)
New chief justice sworn in (03/04/04)
Investor Education contest winner (03/04/01)
Government announces automobile insurance reforms (03/03/28)
Chief Justice Daigle announces retirement (02/12/20)
Voyeurism law addresses NB concerns (02/12/06)
Eleven officially receive Queen's counsel appointments (02/11/29)
Anti-voyeurism legislation expected (02/11/08)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers appointed Queen's Counsel (02/11/08)
Moncton court facilities return to Assumption Place (02/11/08)
Court fee waived for low-income litigants in divorce proceedings (02/10/16)
Japanese professor studies Canadian court system (02/09/17)
Investigate before you invest (02/09/16)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day (02/09/09)
Newly renovated court facility opens in Grand Falls (02/06/26)
Temporary relocation of court facilities / Judicial district of Moncton (02/06/26)
Department to hire more lawyers with budget increase (02/05/29)
Scholarship fund salesman disciplined (02/05/10)
New Provincial Court Judge sworn in (02/04/26)
Launch of Investor Education Web site (02/04/16)
April is Investor Education Month (02/04/10)
New Provincial Court Judge appointed (02/04/02)
Settlement agreement / IPC Investment Corporation (02/03/28)
Atlantic ministers to discuss Insurance Harmonization Project (02/03/21)
Ministers responsible for justice issues reach consensus (02/02/14)
Ministers responsible for justice issues to meet in Moncton Feb. 12-14 (02/02/11)
Facilitator named to assist working group (02/01/11)
Government responds to 2001 Judicial Remuneration Commission recommendations (01/11/21)
Settlement agreement / Regal Capital Planners Ltd. (01/11/15)
Injunction issued for Four Seasons & Fun Land Inc. (01/11/14)
Eleven New Brunswick lawyers appointed Queen's counsel (01/11/09)
Steps taken to improve access to legal aid (01/10/30)
Minister's message / National Co-op Week (01/10/19)
Action taken by securities administrator (01/10/02)
Construction begins on new Miramichi Courthouse (01/10/02)
New judge sworn in / Moncton (01/09/21)
New judge appointed to provincial court / Moncton (01/08/27)
Networking regulation approved (01/08/23)
Regulator suspends registration of Rampart Securities Inc. (01/08/16)
Settlement agreement / Balanced Planning Investments Corporation (01/08/02)
Settlement / MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier, Inc. (01/07/13)
LaVigne sworn in to the Court of Queen's Bench (01/07/13)
Securities Branch concludes investigation (01/07/05)
Justice department estimates for 2001-2002 (01/05/31)
Province to improve e-commerce consumer protection (01/05/30)
Minister's message in honour of Law Day (01/04/26)
Investor Education Week (01/04/20)
Injunction issued / Saint John (01/04/10)
Protection of Personal Information Act to be proclaimed (01/03/30)
Settlement agreement / Heritage Financial Services Limited (01/02/28)
Interim injunction issued (01/02/08)
Binding arbitration for CUPE court stenographers (01/01/30)
Second Judicial Remuneration Commission appointed (01/01/22)
Miramichi courthouse to be located on hospital site (01/01/19)
Privacy Act discussion paper available on the Internet (01/01/18)
Settlement agreement / National Bank Financial Inc. (01/01/15)
Settlement agreement / CMG Worldsource Financial Services Inc. (01/01/15)
Discussion paper on Privacy Act released (00/12/22)
Public input requested on proposed electronic transactions law (00/12/15)
Privacy Act introduced (00/12/12)
Changes introduced to Judicial Remuneration Commission process (00/12/08)
Legislation introduced to allow for VLT referendum (00/12/08)
Miramichi Courthouse project receives $8.7 million in capital funding (00/12/07)
Queen's counsel list announced (00/11/22)
Program begins for separated parents (00/11/21)
Changes to Family Services Act introduced (00/11/15)
Léger sworn in to Court of Queen's Bench (00/11/10)
Judicial Remuneration Commission recommendations accepted (00/10/27)
Province to appeal in Moreau-Bérubé case (00/10/17)
Minister's message in honour of National Co-Op Week (00/10/16)
Strike by court stenographers (00/09/25)
Delegation from Wales visits province (00/09/21)
Ministers responsible for justice meet in Iqaluit (00/09/18)
Deschęnes sworn in to New Brunswick Court of Appeal (00/09/08)
Robertson sworn in to New Brunswick Court of Appeal (00/09/06)
Feature / Top 10 tips for online investors (00/07/04)
Firearms Act Reference/Minister reacts to Supreme Court decision (00/06/15)
Investor alert / Offshore investing (00/06/12)
New judge sworn in (00/05/12)
Articling students policy re-instated (00/05/11)
Department of Justice introduces parent education program (00/05/11)
Superintendent of insurance issues letter to protect clients (00/05/10)
Justice 2000/2001 Estimates (00/05/10)
New judge appointed (00/04/18)
Minister applauds Law Day activities (00/04/11)
Investor Education Week, April 10-14 (00/04/11)
New Brunswick to co-chair Consumer Measures Committee (00/03/31)
Investor alert / Warning against RRSP scams (00/01/26)
Queen's Counsel list announced (99/11/19)
Appointment of registrar / Michael J. Bray (99/11/03)
New justice information system online (99/10/25)
Marshall case termed an important decision by Minister Green (99/09/20)
Needy parents to get access to legal aid (99/09/15)
New judge sworn in (99/09/10)
New judge sworn in (99/08/20)
Judge appointed to Provincial Court (99/08/11)
Deputy minister appointed / Justice (99/08/05)
Province appeals in Moreau-Bérubé case (99/08/04)
New judge sworn in / Court of Queen's Bench, Family Division
Firearms Act Reference / New Brunswick to participate in oral arguments (99/06/25)
Kit to help parents change existing child support orders (99/06/04)
New judge sworn in / Court of Queen's Bench (99/04/29)
International Investor Education Week April 25 - May 1 (99/04/20)
Canadian Consumer Handbook now available (99/03/31)
New federal judicial position in Campbellton (99/03/09)
Upgrading of Miramichi Courthouse (99/01/29)
Adjudicators named for new small claims court (99/01/12)
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