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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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NB Power returning to an integrated utility (10/07/15)
Input sought on changes to EUB framework (10/07/12)
Letter of intent to develop energy opportunities, grow energy hub (10/07/08)
Province requests expressions of interest for community energy projects (10/06/21)
Government wants to strengthen EUB to better defend interests of consumers (10/06/15)
Ottawa to be pressed to pay for Lepreau delays (10/04/26)
NBCC expanding to Minto (10/03/11)
Full, transparent debate of government's energy plan (10/02/26)
Energy agreement offers significant savings: analysis (10/02/17)
Community energy policy announced (10/02/09)
Gaëtan Thomas appointed interim president of NB Power (10/01/26)
Municipal power utilities to receive tax rebate (10/01/26)
Climate action fund supporting project in Edmundston (10/01/25)
TransAlta to expand Kent Hills wind farm (10/01/11)
New NB Power board members appointed (09/11/30)
Proposed agreement better protects ratepayers: analysis (09/11/18)
Proposed energy agreement would cover replacement fuel costs during Lepreau refurbishment (09/11/04)
Ministers issue joint statement about proposed energy agreement with Hydro-Québec (09/11/02)
Province responds to closure of NB Coal Ltd. (09/10/02)
Premier asks Ottawa to give firm completion date for Point Lepreau refurbishment (09/09/17)
Energy to top list of discussion topics at upcoming conference (09/09/11)
NB Power releases request for proposals for additional wind generation (09/06/16)
New Brunswick Developer's Guide to Renewable Energy released (09/06/09)
Province releases report on model wind turbine provisions and best practices (09/04/15)
NBSO joins North American regulatory authority to enhance electric grid reliability (09/04/02)
Government responds to strategic environmental assessment report on tidal energy (09/04/02)
New Brunswick and Maine support international energy corridor (09/03/25)
Energy and Utilities Board to conduct review of electricity rate increase (09/03/20)
Government accepts recommendation contained in review of interruption formula (09/03/02)
Debt management workshops scheduled (09/01/07)
Strategic environmental assessment report on tidal energy released (08/11/19)
$99.3-million annual investment in energy efficiency and relief programs (08/11/05)
Environment-friendly project supported by Climate Action Fund (08/10/31)
NB Power board members announced (08/10/30)
Government releases preliminary report on wind energy program (08/10/16)
Premier joins Energy Hub, Benefits Blueprint team (08/09/23)
Minister's statement concerning gasoline prices (08/09/12)
Minister's statement congratulating NB Power (08/09/09)
Experts to advise government on structure of electricity market (08/08/15)
Energy minister supports greater accountability at NB Power (08/07/24)
Tidal-power development to be explored on Bay of Fundy (08/05/26)
Benefits Blueprint Team unveils recommendations for major initiatives (08/04/04)
Province engages communities on tidal power potential on Bay of Fundy (08/03/28)
Province accepts rate change recommendation (08/03/11)
Energy and Utilities Board to conduct independent review of recent electricity rate increase (08/03/05)
Second wind contract announced for northern New Brunswick (08/02/26)
Government initiates program for community participation in wind power (08/02/26)
Premier and minister have productive meetings in Toronto (08/02/21)
Government receives feasibility study for second nuclear reactor (08/02/04)
Government seeking research proposals for tidal energy (08/01/31)
Acciona to construct 64.5-megawatt wind farm in Aulac (08/01/28)
Minister requests stakeholder input on tidal energy (08/01/24)
New 49.5 MW wind farm to be constructed in Lamèque (08/01/22)
Governments support Benefits Blueprint to plan for sustainable growth (07/11/08)
REVISED / Speech by international expert on energy and environment (07/10/30)
Government releases interim tidal energy policy (07/10/25)
Sod-turning ceremony held for 96 MW wind farm (07/10/11)
New wind map of New Brunswick becomes even more detailed (07/10/02)
Major tidal energy conference on tap for Saint John (07/09/27)
Minister to obtain stakeholder input on tidal energy (07/09/21)
New Brunswick System Operator awards Open Season (07/09/17)
Team CANDU NB chosen for feasibility study of second nuclear reactor at Point Lepreau (07/08/01)
New Brunswick and Maine to move forward on energy co-operation (07/06/26)
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joining forces on tidal study (07/06/12)
NB Power takes next step to expand renewable energy portfolio (07/05/17)
Atlantic Canadian companies to participate in international energy conference (07/05/16)
Major bio-energy conference set for Saint John May 9 - 11 (07/05/02)
Major step forward for wind power in New Brunswick (07/04/26)
Province to help New Brunswickers deal with rate increase with more than $37 million in programs (07/04/20)
REVISED / Keir announces several new NB Power board members, extension of chairman's term (07/03/30)
NB Power and Vector Wind Energy Inc. sign 20-year power purchase agreement (07/03/01)
Gas regulation improved, made more reactive to market changes (07/02/01)
Keir announces members of new Energy and Utilities Board (07/01/31)
Energy efficiency study identifies millions in potential savings (07/01/29)
NB Power, TransAlta Corporation sign agreement for 75 MW of wind energy (07/01/19)
Keir seeks partners to explore tidal energy potential (06/12/01)
No-disconnect policy in place Nov. 1 for those with legitimate economic needs (06/10/27)
Minister's message on accelerated-wind-power development in N.B. (06/08/03)
Minister's update on gasoline price regulation (06/07/04)
Energy minister explains price formula under regulation plan (06/06/29)
Donne Smith named interim chair of Public Utilities Board (06/06/26)
Minister's statement / Retirement of David Nicholson (06/06/22)
Petroleum Products Pricing Act introduced (06/06/15)
Special emphasis to be placed on renewable energy in 2006-07 (06/06/08)
Upgrade program for existing homes will continue in New Brunswick (06/05/12)
Tidal study narrows site search (06/05/09)
Province to rebate eight per cent HST on electricity and heating fuels, regulate gas / home-heating oil (06/03/27)
Atlantic energy ministers launch efficiency-awareness campaign (06/03/08)
Key studies will help establish future energy programs (06/02/23)
REVISED / Another step taken toward 400 megawatts of wind energy (05/10/18)
Elizabeth Weir named president/CEO of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (05/10/13)
Ministers' conference focuses on energy sustainability (05/09/20)
Province to proceed with refurbishment of Point Lepreau (05/07/29)
Francophone school project awarded federal energy efficiency funding (05/07/15)
Atlantic Energy Ministers to follow premiers' directive on regional energy efficiency (05/07/06)
Province sets renewable energy target at 33 per cent by 2016 (05/06/22)
Energy / Budget estimates 2005-06 (05/06/15)
Province joins others to study tidal power (05/05/13)
Fitch encouraged by newest Kyoto information (05/04/13)
New Energy regulation introduced (05/01/07)
New member for NB Power board of directors (04/10/29)
Energy ministers: Climate change becoming over-arching issue (04/10/27)
System Operator board named (04/10/08)
Boards of directors announced for new NB Power subsidiary companies (04/10/06)
Fitch: Opening electricity market will be good for business (04/09/30)
Op-Ed / Energy efficiency (04/09/21)
White Paper on Energy Efficiency System released (04/09/08)
Energy efficiency program reaches next step (04/08/20)
Changes to Energy Efficiency Act outlaws low-efficiency appliances in province (04/08/12)
Market Advisory Committee named (04/08/09)
Energy Minister Fitch to meet with counterparts from across Canada July 19 (04/07/15)
Amount of wood used for home heating up by over 10 per cent in province (04/06/23)
Energy efficiency, renewable energy main focus in Energy budget estimates (04/06/18)
Atlantic Energy Ministers report significant progress (04/06/07)
Fitch emphasizes importance of oil heat to national association (04/06/03)
Province moving forward on renewable energy (04/05/07)
Fitch pleased with depth of nuclear expert's report on Lepreau (04/04/16)
Electricity restructuring postponed until Oct. 1 (04/03/23)
Atlantic Energy Ministers pleased with support from Ottawa (04/03/10)
Fitch eager to obtain clarity on climate change from Ottawa (04/03/03)
Energy department to survey home heating methods in New Brunswick (04/02/19)
Fitch discusses regional co-operation with Atlantic colleagues (04/02/12)
Electricity market rules available online (04/02/10)
Furlong appointed new NB Power chairman (04/02/04)
Nuclear expert will examine Lepreau (04/01/30)
Fitch encourages homebuilders to advocate alternate heat sources (04/01/23)
Fitch has positive first meeting with federal counterpart (04/01/23)
Electricity market to open on April 1, 2004 (03/11/27)
Province wants to maintain exports of electricity to U.S. (03/09/04)
Gas distributor to be allowed to market natural gas (03/03/25)
Decision on Coleson Cove announced (03/03/11)
Introduction of new Electricity Act (03/01/31)
Provincial government pleased with NEB decision (02/12/09)
Volpé in Boston to talk about emerging energy markets (02/10/25)
New Brunswick seeks clarity on federal climate change plan (02/10/25)
Electricity in New Brunswick : Today's choices aligned with our future (02/10/21)
N.B. satisfied with NEB decision on natural gas (02/09/20)
Majority of electricity restructuring initiatives approved (02/08/15)
Fuel price survey available online (02/07/17)
NB Power to remain publicly-owned Crown utility (02/05/30)
Natural gas access public hearings (02/04/25)
Appointment of new chairman of NB Power board of directors (02/04/12)
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