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Elections New Brunswick
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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
Elections NB to use online courses to improve training of election workers (10/07/14)
FREDERICTON (CNB) - A virtual classroom is one of the new tools that Elections NB will use to train people to work this fall during the provincial election.Elections NB has worked w...
Byelections, plebiscite end in four close races (10/05/11)
Advance polling for municipal byelections, plebiscite (10/04/29)
Training begins for provincial elections (10/04/06)
Municipal byelections, Campobello plebiscite set for May (10/03/23)
Advance polls for upcoming municipal byelections (09/10/14)
Voter information cards going in the mail this week (09/10/08)
Notice of municipal byelections (09/10/07)
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June  23, 2010
Elections NB making donation to School District 18
Elections NB is donating 300,000 sheets of outdated blank ballot paper to School District 18 to distribute to schools. The 48-cm (19-inch) by 61-cm (2...
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