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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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Elections NB to use online courses to improve training of election workers (10/07/14)
Byelections, plebiscite end in four close races (10/05/11)
Advance polling for municipal byelections, plebiscite (10/04/29)
Training begins for provincial elections (10/04/06)
Municipal byelections, Campobello plebiscite set for May (10/03/23)
Advance polls for upcoming municipal byelections (09/10/14)
Voter information cards going in the mail this week (09/10/08)
Notice of municipal byelections (09/10/07)
Nominations open for municipal byelections (09/09/15)
Report on municipal elections highlights success of new technology and procedures (09/03/16)
Voter information cards in the mail this week (09/02/24)
Nominations for upcoming byelection close Feb. 20 (09/02/16)
Advance polls for upcoming municipal byelections (08/11/12)
Voter information cards mailed this week (08/11/10)
Special ballots give New Brunswick voters more flexibility (08/11/04)
Technology benefits New Brunswick voters with special needs (08/11/04)
REVISED / Notice of municipal byelections (08/10/31)
Improved access for voters with special needs (08/10/23)
Special ballots available for byelection (08/10/23)
Advance poll for upcoming byelection in New Maryland-Sunbury West (08/10/22)
Voter information cards in the mail this week (08/10/22)
Nominations open for municipal byelections (08/10/14)
Nominations for upcoming byelection close Oct. 17 (08/10/14)
Elections New Brunswick recognized for options provided to disabled voters (08/06/13)
New Brunswickers with disabilities have more voting options in May elections (08/05/05)
Vote tabulation machines readied for Election Day (08/04/23)
More female candidates to run in 2008 elections (08/04/11)
Deadline for nominations approaches (08/04/07)
Elections NB kept busy updating permanent voter list (08/04/03)
Nominations open for May elections (08/03/17)
Co-ordinator to work with disabled, seniors in advance of May elections (08/02/12)
Elections NB creating DVD to train workers for May election (08/01/23)
Groups meet to reduce barriers to voting for people with disabilities (07/10/02)
Voter information cards in the mail this week (07/09/18)
Electronic pilot project successful in byelection (07/05/10)
Pilot project in municipal byelection (07/04/11)
Date set for municipal byelections (07/03/21)
Moncton East byelection / Advance polls Feb. 24 and 26 (07/02/21)
Elections NB recommends changes to elections process (07/02/07)
Elections NB ready for Moncton East byelection (07/02/02)
Monday is voting day in municipal byelections (06/11/30)
Municipal Electoral Officer's message on municipal byelections (06/11/09)
Computer equipment to be delivered to Education (06/10/27)
Election day Oct. 23 in Beaubassin East (06/10/20)
Date set for municipal by-elections (06/10/20)
Advance polling in Beaubassin East (06/10/13)
Photo opportunity at polling stations (06/09/15)
Instructions for media access to polling stations (06/09/14)
Special ballots give New Brunswick voters more flexibility (06/09/12)
Chief electoral officer's provincial election message (06/09/07)
Students have options for voting in provincial election (06/08/30)
Voter information cards in the mail this week (06/08/30)
Election news blackout restrictions (06/08/29)
Province to canvass CFB Gagetown for new voters (06/08/22)
Preparation begins for voters list (06/08/21)
Non-enumerated voters in Saint John Harbour still eligible to vote (05/11/02)
Clarification on notices to vote in upcoming elections (04/04/28)
Amendments introduced to Municipal Elections Act (04/04/01)
Clarification on voter citizenship procedures (03/06/06)
Unofficial results of referendum on VLTs (01/05/15)
Details on May 14 elections and VLT referendum (01/05/10)
District Education Council / Nomination List (01/04/27)
Municipal Election / Nomination List (01/04/27)
Voting in the provincial referendum on VLTs (01/04/17)
Municipal byelections / Acclamations in five municipalities (00/04/25)
Municipal by-elections/Deadline for nomination papers (00/04/13)
Nominations closed for March 6 municipal by-elections (00/02/21)
List of voters open for eight days for correction, confirmation (99/09/22)
Municipal Election / Nomination List (99/ 09 /17)
Details / Municipal by-elections (99/08/20)
Petit-Rocher byelection (99/08/13)
Provincial election / time off to vote (99/06/03)
Fewer people enumerated, but you can still register to vote (99/06/02)
Provincial elections/advance polls/statistics (99/06/02)
Fewer candidates running in provincial elections/statistics (99/06/02)
Voting arrangements for people with disabilities (99/06/02)
Provincial election/special ballots deadline (99/06/01)
Election advance polls/reminder (99/05/28)
List of candidates (unofficial), June 7 general election (99/05/21)
Advance polls to be held May 29 - June 3 / Provincial election (99/05/13)
Provincial election/special ballots deadline (99/05/13)
Holders of dual citizenship / provincial election (99/05/12)
Nomination deadline for provincial election (99/05/12)
Enumerators will soon be knocking on doors (99/05/10)
1999 general election / schedule of pertinent dates (99/05/08)
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