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(March, 1999 - July, 2010)
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Ombudsman and child and youth advocate applauds extension of child protection services (10/07/13)
Call for nationwide action to address Aboriginal children's issues (10/06/23)
Report on First Nations child welfare released (10/02/24)
State of our Children and Youth report released (09/11/20)
National launch of children's online privacy discussion paper (09/11/19)
Ombudsman presents Civil Service Excellence Awards (09/10/13)
Ombudsman and child youth advocate releases recommendations for the protection of unborn children (09/10/09)
First Fairness Week to be observed (09/10/09)
First Nations child welfare services symposium to be held (09/09/25)
Right to Know Week 2009 (09/09/25)
Review of First Nations child welfare services underway (09/08/31)
Advisory committee selected for First Nations' child welfare review (09/07/15)
Ombudsman comments on proposed access and privacy legislation (09/06/09)
State of Our Children and Youth report card released (08/11/24)
Ombudsman comments on proposed changes to access and privacy legislation (08/10/28)
Ombudsman releases report on Early French Immersion (08/06/18)
Ombudsman releases Ashley Smith report (08/06/09)
Child and youth advocate concerned about children's online privacy (08/06/04)
Ombudsman releases report on missing health tapes (08/05/07)
Ombudsman to investigate EFI complaints (08/04/03)
Ombudsman examines residential property assessment (08/02/28)
Release of Connecting the Dots report (08/02/11)
Child & Youth Advocate releases Broken Promises report (08/01/17)
Ombudsman files brief in Supreme Court of Canada (08/01/15)
Ombudsman presents Civil Service Excellence Awards (07/10/17)
New publication released (07/08/22)
Ombudsman releases non-resident user fees report (06/12/07)
Ombudsman releases annual report (06/12/07)
O'Connell to head user fees investigation (06/10/13)
REVISED / National Right to Know Week (06/09/20)
Ombudsman releases annual report (06/02/20)
Ombudsman releases annual report (05/01/17)
REVISED / Office of the Ombudsman gets toll-free number (04/02/02)
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