Agriculture and Aquaculture

Updated aquaculture-site-allocation policy released (09/06/18)

NB 862

June 18, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - An updated policy to guide development of the aquaculture industry for the east coast of New Brunswick was released today by Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette.

"There have been numerous advances in the development of the aquaculture industry since the original policy was drafted," said Ouellette. "Over the years, new species and cultivation techniques have been developed, and the new policy reflects these."

The policy establishes guidelines for the allocation of sites to support the orderly development of the aquaculture industry on the province's east coast. It also sets guidelines for the processing of applications for new aquaculture sites, boundary amendments and licence amendments, as well as addressing the establishment of management plans for site allocation.

"This revised document provides industry stakeholders with a frame of reference that should help foster the growth and stability of this important sector," said Ouellette.

With more than 70 active entrepreneurs, and more than 100 million oysters currently developing, the shellfish industry is poised to become an important social and economic player in New Brunswick's east coast communities. In 2008, about 12 million oysters cultivated in New Brunswick were sold on Canadian and American markets.


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