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Minister's Round Table on Agriculture created (09/06/24)

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June 24, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The appointment of 29 people to the Minister's Round Table on Agriculture was announced today by Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette.

The creation of the new, permanent group is the result of a commitment made by Ouellette at the conclusion of the New Brunswick Agriculture Summit held in April 2008. Its members will offer ongoing advice to the minister on issues related to improving the agriculture and agri-food industry in New Brunswick.

"The Minister's Round Table on Agriculture will be key for the department as we develop a variety of policies and programs to establish a sustainable, viable agriculture industry in this province," said Ouellette. "This forum provides another opportunity for industry stakeholders to provide government with advice on issues pertaining to the industry, and ensure that stakeholders continue to meet with me and my staff on a regular basis."

The initial task of the round table members will be to provide advice and input to Ouellette on the creation of an agricultural strategy for New Brunswick. They will assist him in analyzing the final reports of the six task groups, which were created as part of the post-summit initiative to engage industry in the process of establishing a long-term plan for New Brunswick's agriculture industry.

The advisory committee is expected to meet four times a year, and will be called upon to provide input on issues relating to challenges and opportunities involving the agriculture industry.

"Since we began the summit process 18 months ago, we have already seen remarkable improvements in creating a more cohesive, progressive agriculture industry," said Ouellette. "It's crucial for us to use every opportunity available to get feedback from the industry as we continue with our agenda to make New Brunswick self-sufficient by 2026."

Ouellette said that the round table membership represents a strong cross-section of knowledgeable participants with many years experience in both provincial and national agriculture sectors.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is a list of the members of the Minister's Round Table on Agriculture. MEDIA CONTACT: Paul Harpelle, communications, Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, 506-444-4218.

Members of the Minister's Round Table on Agriculture

Ronald Ouellette, minister of agriculture and aquaculture, chair
Kathy Trueman
Robert Bourgeois
Kevin Antworth
Maarten van Oord
Phillip Christie
Vince Kilfoil
Joe Brennan
Jean-Marie Pelletier
Ed Kavanaugh
Jean-Eudes Chiasson
Rob English
Patrice Finnigan
Jacques LaForge
Reg Perry
Larry Brown
Robert Godbout
Tony van de Brand
Stephanie Coburn
Jennifer MacDonald
Marco Servant
George MacLeod
Karen Davidge
Mary McKenna
Barb Somerville
Bernard Savoie
Denis Berube
Pierre Laviolette
Gerald Daley
Robert Thériault