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Alcool NB Liquor and MADD Canada launch educational program for francophone students (09/09/28)

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Sept. 28, 2009

DIEPPE (CNB) - The first high school multimedia assembly program to educate francophone students about the dangers of drinking and driving has been launched by Alcool NB Liquor and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

The program, titled Fini, debuts in Dieppe today. Shown on three large screens, and using music videos, video clips and personal testimonials, the program delivers a powerful message designed to get students' attention and drive home the message that it is never okay to mix alcohol and/or drugs with driving.

Minister of Finance Greg Byrne, who is also minister responsible for the New Brunswick Liquor Corp., said that the province is supportive of MADD Canada and its efforts.

"New Brunswick youth represent the future of our province," said Byrne. It is our hope that Fini will make a strong, lasting impression on every young person who sees it, and will promote safe and sober driving habits that stay with them for life."

Dana Clendenning, president and CEO of Alcool NB Liquor, said that the corporation is proud to work with MADD Canada.

"Alcool NB Liquor is extremely proud to support MADD Canada in its efforts to educate young people about the dangers of drinking and driving," said Clendenning.

MADD Canada has recognized Alcool NB Liquor for its support of the program. The corporation is sponsoring 10 presentations of Fini and 10 presentations of its English counterpart, Wasted, in high schools throughout New Brunswick. Between now and the end of the school year, MADD Canada will deliver the two programs to almost 20,000 New Brunswick high school students, and 1 million students across the country.

"Fini gives students a stark and realistic look at what can happen if they or someone they know makes the decision to drive while impaired," said MADD Canada spokesperson Marie Claude Morin. "We are very pleased to be able to deliver this education resource to French high schools, and reach even more students with this important message about the dangers of impaired driving."

Fini tells the fictional story of a popular high school student, Jake, and his friends, Kelly and Drew, and how their lives are forever changed when one wrong decision leads to a horrific car crash. As the presentation ends, students are shown more than 600 photographs of victims, from babies to grandparents, who have been killed or seriously injured in a crash involving impaired driving.

The program challenges students to examine their own perceptions about impaired driving, and consider how young people are at particular risk, as shown by such statistics as:

"The deaths and injuries that occur as a result of impaired driving are tragic and 100 per cent preventable," said Morin. "Each and every person has the power to stop impaired driving. That is the message we want students to take away from this presentation. We do not want to lose one more young person to this senseless tragedy."

The program has been an important education resource for a number of years, but resources to produce and deliver the full program in French have not been available until now. Thanks to the support of sponsors, Fini is now being delivered to French high schools across the country.

"Alcool NB Liquor has been a committed and generous supporter of MADD Canada for many years and we are especially grateful for the leadership role it has taken in the delivery of our high school multimedia assembly show," said Morin. "Thanks to its support, we can now bring this educational resource into French high schools and engage students in this very important dialogue that will promote responsible decisions, and help them avoid the deadly mixture of alcohol and/or drugs and driving."


MEDIA CONTACTS: Nora Lacey, Alcool NB Liquor, 506-292-2647,; Marie Claude Morin, MADD Canada, 514-458-7801,