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Government supports creation of 165 manufacturing jobs in Miramichi (08/12/02)

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Dec. 2, 2008

MIRAMICHI (CNB) - The provincial government is providing up to $600,000 in forgivable loans to help create 165 jobs at DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. in Miramichi, Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne announced today.

"This company is committed to helping the Miramichi economy diversify and grow, and so is the government," said Byrne. "This opportunity will provide jobs for the people of this community, helping to restore confidence and hope as Miramichi rises to the challenge of the forest industry downturn. This large corporate expansion is proof that companies can be more profitable in New Brunswick. I am confident that continuing to build strategic partnerships such as this one with DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. will help move New Brunswick further toward self-sufficiency by 2026."

The forgivable loans, being provided through Business New Brunswick and the Miramichi Economic Development Fund, will help the company fulfil its supply contracts with the United States Department of Defence. Specifically, DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. will expand its 9,300-sq.-metre (100,068-sq.-foot) facility in Miramichi; train new staff; and buy equipment including a large X-ray machine, a new fabric cutter and a waterjet cutter.

DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. already employs 160 in Miramichi. Timothy A. Dear, company president, said his company chose to expand the operation because of the excellent quality of the people who live and work here.

"Miramichi met our needs for an available, skilled and dedicated workforce," said Dear. "What makes the people special here is their willingness to learn new skills and new processes. This allows DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. to be competitive in the world market."

This is the latest of the government's investment in Miramichi's economy. Business New Brunswick supported 207 new jobs at IT firm; made investments at FatKat Animation Studios and Sunny Corner Enterprises; and recently invested in ATCON Fabrication, creating 150 jobs.

DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. has 30 years' experience providing vehicle engineering expertise to governments. It has completed multimillion-dollar contracts in New Brunswick, and it has been modifying and refurbishing military vehicles and manufacturing armour plate at its Miramichi facility since the 1990s. DEW Engineering and Development Ltd. has been incorporated in Canada since 1978, and it was purchased by the Colorado ceramics supplier Coorstek.

The company makes armour, manufactured by assembling steel plates with plastics, rubber or ceramic, to protect soldiers riding in military vehicles from road bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Ryan Donaghy, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-453-2694, e-mail; Timothy A. Dear, president, DEW Engineering and Development Ltd., 613-736-5100, extension 116, or cell 613-868-7009, e-mail,