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Government investment to support small businesses in Grand Falls area (09/02/16)

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Feb. 16, 2009

DRUMMOND (CNB) - Four Grand Falls-area companies are creating five jobs and maintaining 15 others as the result of financial assistance from the NB Growth Program.


Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne made this announcement at Eastern Grains Inc. in Drummond. He was joined by Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette and Eric Theriault, co-owner of Eastern Grains Inc.

"Our promise as a government is to put New Brunswick companies on the path to success in a competitive business environment," said Byrne. "The remarkable achievements of these small businesses are proof that the NB Growth Program is fulfilling its commitment to help small New Brunswick businesses break new ground in dynamic, innovative ways."

Business New Brunswick launched the program in October 2007. Its $3-million budget has supported company start-ups and expansions throughout the province.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy," said Ouellette. "I am excited to participate in investments that will strengthen four of our local companies. A self-sufficient New Brunswick depends on the success of our entrepreneurs, and government support will provide these companies with the means to increase their productivity and edge out the competition."

The program provides eligible entrepreneurs up to $100,000 to establish a new business; and up to $60,000 to expand, diversify, or improve productivity at an existing business.

"Eastern Grains Inc. has the potential for significant growth in the grain industry, but wouldn't be able to expand to meet consumer demand without the support we have received through the New Brunswick Growth Program," said Theriault. "The provincial government's assistance has been a contributing factor in ensuring our company is able to improve the quality of our product and open up new markets for local grain growers."


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of companies in greater Grand Falls participating in the NB Growth Program follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Ashley Bursey, Communications New Brunswick, 506-444-3515, e-mail,

Companies in greater Grand Falls supported by the NB Growth Program

Eastern Grains Inc. in Drummond received $60,000 to expand its site, including to build several silos and a grain elevator, leading to a higher-quality and more competitive product. This will maintain three seasonal jobs and create one more.

Open Sky Adventures in Drummond received $50,000 toward the start-up of an outdoor activity centre, with pontoon sightseeing tours of the Grand Falls cataract and gorge; kayak rentals; and an on-site cottage. This assistance will create three jobs.

Jamieson Beef of Grand Falls received $42,002 for the construction of a new facility and the purchase of cutting-edge equipment to increase its efficiency. The company employs three.

Laforest Industries Ltd. of Perth-Andover received $60,000 to put towards the purchase and installation of production equipment for its facility. This will allow the company to meet customer demands and increase its workload. The company maintains nine positions and will create one more.