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Government investment to support job creation in Madawaska region (09/02/24)

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Feb. 24, 2009

SAINT-JACQUES (CNB) - Government support from the NB Growth Program will help maintain 42 jobs and create five more at five companies in the Madawaska area, Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne announced today.

"This program gives companies a head start on their journey to expand, increase profits and hire more New Brunswickers," said Byrne. "Our commitment as a government is to give these small businesses the tools they need to become more competitive and more productive in their chosen markets."

Byrne made the announcement at Grondin Ventilation in Saint-Jacques. He was joined by Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Donald Arseneault, Jeammy Grondin, vice-president of Grondin Ventilation, and representatives of the four other companies that received funding.

Business New Brunswick launched the NB Growth program in October 2007. Since then its $3-million budget has supported company startups and expansions throughout the province, with funding support for 28 small businesses creating 68 new jobs and maintaining 156 existing positions.

"A self-sufficient New Brunswick depends on the strength of our small businesses," said Arseneault. "We applaud local entrepreneurs who are dedicated to establishing successful, forward-thinking businesses in their region. Government support will help give these companies a leading edge in their respective industries."

The program provides eligible entrepreneurs with up to $100,000 to establish a new business, and with up to $60,000 to expand, diversify, or improve productivity at an existing one.

"Grondin Ventilation is constantly expanding to reach new markets and increase its productivity in a highly competitive field," said Grondin. "Our service is a necessity in this area of the province, and the NB Growth Program has offered us the means to grow our operation to fill consumer demand."


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of companies in the Madawaska area participating in the NB Growth Program follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Ryan Donaghy, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-453-2694, e-mail:

Companies in Madawaska supported by the NB Growth Program

Grondin Ventilation in Saint-Jacques received $60,000 to purchase new equipment, allowing the company to offer more services, gain new markets and increase its productivity. The assistance will maintain the company's existing 10 jobs, and create two new positions.

Fiready Inc. in Clair received $7,860 to purchase and install a new log splitter, enabling it to handle bigger logs and increase its yield. The log splitter will be designed and built by a local business. The company employs 12.

3 D Innovations Inc. of Saint-Basile received $8,300 to purchase computer equipment and software to open an industrial drafting services company. The company will employ one.

G.C. Welding Inc. of Edmundston received $12,300 to purchase new equipment and construct a conveyor system to move structural steel components through a new band saw. The equipment will enhance productivity and allow the company to bid on larger, more specialized contracts. The company currently employs 20.

Daigle Impression of Baker Brook received $15,000 to purchase a t-shirt jet printer and accessories in order to open a colour transfer and printing-services business. The company will employ two.