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Government helps create jobs at Fredericton-based advanced learning company (09/09/16)

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Sept. 16, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government is helping advanced learning and technology company Bluedrop Performance Learning create up to 20 full-time jobs at its Fredericton office, Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau announced today.


Boudreau was joined at the announcement by Finance Minister Greg Byrne and company CEO Emad Rizkalla.

"I'm proud to help this company expand its New Brunswick workforce with high-skilled, highly-paid positions," Boudreau said. "Bluedrop is a critical component of our strategy to strengthen our emerging e-learning cluster in New Brunswick."

The province is providing financial assistance of up to $260,000 to help the company create the jobs by December 2010. The majority of positions will require experience in instructional design, multimedia specialties and project management, typically drawing on candidates with degrees in education, computer science, or other relevant skills and experience.

"These jobs will add to the growing knowledge workforce in Fredericton, and provide essential support for organizations that are looking for customized training technology," said Byrne. "This government is always striving to help businesses become more competitive and more successful in a challenging economic climate."

Bluedrop Performance Learning is a full-service, custom courseware company that provides advanced training programs and associated technology in a variety of industries, including aerospace and defence. It opened its Fredericton office in 2007 to help service some of its key U.S. clients, and in the past few months has expanded its New Brunswick workforce to 13 from six.

"This government is dedicated to ensuring that our advanced learning industry can reach its full potential in New Brunswick," said Boudreau. "We are supporting this cluster with a competitive tax environment, a skilled labour pool, appropriate infrastructure, and targeted financial assistance."

Rizkalla said that the assistance will help his company grow to its potential.

"We commend the New Brunswick government on its confidence in our industry, and in our company in particular," he said. "This assistance will allow us to accelerate our growth and job creation in New Brunswick, and continue our leadership role in custom learning products across Canada and in the U.S. We pride ourselves on hiring the very best talent in Canada, and we are here because the talent in New Brunswick is world-class. I want the message to go out loud and clear today: we are hiring."

Bluedrop was founded in 1992, and has its headquarters in Newfoundland and Labrador. It focuses on training in the areas of health and safety, products and systems, and corporate compliance. The company's clients are broadly based, but are concentrated in government, technology, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and insurance/banking. It has been recognized as one of the few Canadian training companies capable of providing end-to-end courseware services for the defence and aerospace industry. As a result, the company is projecting a tripling of revenues during the next few years.

"Our government has identified this dynamic industry as a priority because we know it offers the strategic growth to support our agenda to become self-sufficient by 2026," said Boudreau. "This innovative company's success and continued growth is proof that New Brunswick is the place to be for business and technology."


MEDIA CONTACTS: Ashley Bursey, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-453-2694, e-mail:; Emad Rizkalla, president and CEO, Bluedrop Performance Learning, 709-682-4321.