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Province helps maintain up to 45 jobs at Moncton plastics plant (09/10/05)

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Oct. 5, 2009

MONCTON (CNB) - The provincial government is helping to improve production efficiency and maintain up to 45 manufacturing jobs at Amcor PET Packaging Atlantic, Inc. in Moncton. Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau made the announcement today.

"The Amcor plant in Moncton is a cornerstone business in New Brunswick, and we are proud that this world leader in food and beverage containers is situated in our province," said Boudreau. "This company is also an integral supplier, affecting more than 300 indirect jobs in the Atlantic region with such well-known multi-national companies as Pepsi and Cott. We are eager to help Amcor improve energy efficiency and productivity at its Moncton plant."

The provincial government is providing a $100,000 forgivable loan toward a $300,000 project to replace a 28-year-old air compressor at the plant with a new, energy-efficient one. The company is also installing energy monitoring systems to measure and control consumption costs at the plant. The company is paying for the balance of the project costs.

Boudreau was joined by plant manager Arnold Anderson, Local Government Minister Bernard LeBlanc and Justice and Consumer Affairs Minister Mike Murphy.

Anderson said the investment by the provincial government will reduce energy costs and improve efficiency at the plant as well as maintain up to 45 high-paying manufacturing jobs.

"This assistance will help not only our company be more successful, but will support the retention and future creation of New Brunswick jobs in a very competitive sector," said Anderson. "This support from our provincial government will help secure our business for many years to come. We appreciate this vote of confidence from the government, and we know our plant is poised to become more efficient and better able to serve our customers locally as well as around the world while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint."

Amcor PET Packaging Atlantic, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic soft drink and water bottles. It also produces products for household cleaning, hair care, automotive and pharmaceutical use. The plant has been operating since 1981.

Amcor PET operates worldwide through 63 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries, and it recycles about 45 million kg (100 million pounds) of PET a year.

"This investment underscores our government's message that in New Brunswick, companies can be more successful," said Boudreau. "We are working with the private sector to help it be more innovative and more productive. Our government believes that strategic investments such as this will help New Brunswick achieve its goal of self-sufficiency by 2026."


MEDIA CONTACT: Ashley Bursey, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-461-0942,; Arnold Anderson, plant manager, Moncton, Amcor PET Packaging Atlantic, Inc., 506-857-8116.