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Business New Brunswick provides support for technological innovation (09/10/21)

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Oct. 21, 2009

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - Business New Brunswick has provided $1 million in assistance this year to support technological innovation and help companies with their commercial development needs, Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau announced today.

As part of Small Business Week, Boudreau visited RapidMind Solutions and Encore Interactive, two Saint John companies that have received funding under the Technology Adoption and Commercialization Program (TACP).

The program provides assistance to manufacturers, processors, information and communication technology companies, and bio-science companies to help them develop and establish new products and services.

"This program offers innovative companies the chance to fully realize their potential in a fast-paced industry," said Boudreau. "We have supported more than 120 of these projects in the past year, and our government is eager to offer New Brunswick businesses the chance to increase their productivity and become even more competitive in the global marketplace."

RapidMind Solutions president Steve Nickerson said that his company was almost forced to lay off most of its employees this year, but TACP assistance of $12,500 helped them create products and win new clients.

"This has been a tough year for companies like ours, but funding from this program helped RapidMind Solutions develop a unique, roll-up calendar SharePoint product, essentially putting us back on track and back in business," said Nickerson. "We really appreciate the government's vote of confidence in our small company, and are excited that this assistance has helped us secure new contracts."

Encore Interactive will be receiving $15,000 this year to buy new equipment and hire local consulting experts, allowing it to further develop an original product that will give users more control over when and where they watch digital programming.

"Encore Interactive is exploring new technology that will offer television viewers more options, including peer-to-peer file sharing, or clicking a button to record their favourite TV show from work or in the car," said Derek Billingsly, vice-president of Encore Interactive. "With government's assistance, we've been working hard to develop interactive television technology, and to expand our company to reach the growing needs of this unique market."


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