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New Brunswick companies seek trade opportunities in China (10/01/06)

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Jan. 6, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Eleven New Brunswick companies will join Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau on a trade mission to China from Jan. 23 to 31. The group will travel to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hebei.

"New Brunswick companies offer world-class products and services, and the provincial government is eager to support them as they seek new markets," said Boudreau. "China offers unlimited export markets for many of our businesses, and we are proud to work with them as they explore new opportunities to diversify their client base."

Business New Brunswick has hired the trade consultant company Atlantic Canada Business Network Ltd. to develop business leads, provide participants with in-depth market intelligence and match New Brunswick companies with potential clients. The company, which has offices in Saint John, Beijing, and Shenzhen, has led more than 30 trade missions involving China.

"The government's recent partnership with the Atlantic Canada Business Network underscores its commitment to helping New Brunswick companies forge new partnerships with Chinese companies," said Boudreau. "The expertise at this company has helped several New Brunswick businesses win major contracts in China, and we know each of the businesses joining this delegation will have a rewarding and lucrative experience exploring this new market."

The governments of New Brunswick and China have developed a strong relationship in the educational sector during the past 11 years. Four schools in China offer a New Brunswick curriculum, and about 150 Chinese students spend a semester each year in New Brunswick schools. Also, 40 New Brunswick students and nine teachers attend a special summer camp in Beijing each year to learn the Chinese language and culture. New Brunswick is home to one of 225 Confucius Institutes, which provide Chinese language and cultural training.

The Moncton Flight College is collaborating with China's Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to train more than 800 pilots during the next five years. It is one of Canada's fastest-growing flight training schools and focuses on training international students.

In late 2009, China emerged as New Brunswick's third largest market, with more than $105 million in exports shipped from January to October of that year, including nearly $80 million in zinc, $7.5 million in pulp products and $5 million in seafood products. This represented an increase of more than $60 million in exports to China compared to 2006.

In November 2008, Premier Shawn Graham led a delegation of 13 New Brunswick companies on the Council of the Federation Mission to China. The trip resulted in new contracts estimated at $90 million over five years.

In May 2009, Business New Brunswick sponsored a follow-up mission to China with seven companies, resulting in immediate sales of about $275,000, with anticipated sales of more than $5 million within one year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of New Brunswick companies participating in the 2010 trade mission to China follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Ashley Bursey, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-453-2694.

New Brunswick companies participating in the trade mission to China