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Information and communications technology firms supported (10/05/17)

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May 17, 2010

DIEPPE (CNB) - The provincial government is working to build New Brunswick's information and communications technology (ICT) sector by helping seven companies develop new, more efficient products and processes. It is doing so by making investments totalling more than $71,602 through the Technology Adoption and Commercialization Program (TACP).

Justice and Consumer Affairs Minister Bernard LeBlanc, who is also the minister responsible for public engagement, made the announcement on behalf of Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau during a site tour at Vimsoft Inc. in Dieppe. He was joined by company president Mitch Manuel.

"This program helps New Brunswick companies take steps to further their employee training, introduce the latest digital tools or technologies, and take their products into new markets," said LeBlanc. "In the past few years, our ICT companies have benefited immensely from this assistance. Often, these are small, local companies with the skills and dedication to truly make a mark in a fast-paced industry, and TACP funding gives them an edge over their competitors as they strive to grow their businesses right here at home."

Vimsoft received $15,000 to support software development in marketing focused on the needs of the warehousing industry. The company's VimBiz information management software is being used to manage invoicing and warehouse activity at several cold-storage facilities in the Maritimes.

In the past few years, Vimsoft Inc. has used TACP funding to improve VimBiz for its customers in the broadcasting industry. The results of one project enable customers to search a Vimsoft-maintained database of popular broadcasting products and insert them locally for project management, purchasing and inventory control workflows facilitated by VimBiz.

"We have been able to take advantage of TACP funding for the past few years, and I am proud to say that our New Brunswick operation has grown to boast an impressive clientele," said Manuel. "This additional assistance from the provincial government meant we could enhance our product, helping Vimsoft Inc. secure increased commitment from existing customers as well as act as a powerful marketing tool for the company."

Some of Vimsoft Inc.'s clients include HARPO Productions Inc., the MLB (Major League Baseball) Network, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and several branches of the United States military, including the Pentagon Channel.

TACP has been a part of the provincial government's small business support programs for more than two decades. The provincial government recently increased its budget to $1.5 million for 2010-11. TACP supports projects that help entrepreneurs improve productivity, increase competitiveness and initiate innovation.

This program provides up to $15,000 toward 40 per cent of a project, and it has assisted manufacturers, processors, information and communication technology companies and bio-science companies.

In Saint John, the AnyWare Group Inc. received $14,000 in TACP funding last year to add a multilingual functionality to one of its products.

"The ROAM Patient Portal is used by health-care organizations to provide patients with the education, support and tools they need to manage their chronic diseases and wellness," said Wayne Chamberlain, vice-president, AnyWare Group Inc. "Previously, the Patient Portal was only available in English. This funding helped AnyWare Group Inc. complete the development of a multilingual product. This work has increased the export potential of our product, since it can now serve the bilingual Canadian market, the large Spanish population in the United States and the other growing language groups in North America."



EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is a list of other ICT companies receiving TACP funding. MEDIA CONTACTS: Ashley Bursey, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-461-0942,; Joel DeWolfe, marketing director, Vimsoft Inc., 506-855-9037; Wayne Chamberlain, vice-president, marketing and products, AnyWare Group Inc., 506-643-6612.

ICT companies receiving TACP funding