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NB Growth helping small businesses in southeastern New Brunswick (10/06/22)

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June 22, 2010



SHEDIAC (CNB) - The provincial government is helping five companies in southeastern New Brunswick expand and create new jobs through investments from the NB Growth Program.

Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau made the announcement today at Culinary Wines Inc. in Shediac. He was joined by company owners Rhéal and Joanne Caissie.

"Every day, our government sees the positive effects that this program has on our small businesses," said Boudreau. "Business New Brunswick is focusing on making programs such as these more accessible for companies around the province. Not only are we announcing funding for five exceptional companies today, we are proud to announce improvements to this program that will make it even stronger and more responsive to New Brunswick businesses."

Culinary Wines Inc. and the four other companies - Bourgeois Farm Inc., Wilson Wreath Co. Ltd., Parlee Beach Motel Inc. and Botsford Fisheries Ltd. - have received grants totalling $217,250 to fund expansions, create up to 11 new jobs and maintain 98 seasonal and full-time jobs.

Culinary Wines Inc. received $39,630 to buy new equipment and hire a fourth employee. Rhéal Caissie said NB Growth helps entrepreneurs bring their dreams within reach.

"The government's vote of confidence in our small company is a real boost as we strive to take our products to the next level," he said. "Our unique liquid seasonings are fermented similarly as wine to ensure the garlic, onion, and herb flavours are robust and delicious. This assistance means we can begin producing larger volumes to meet our growing customer demand at gourmet restaurants and supermarkets in Canada and the United States."

Boudreau announced two significant changes to the program to widen eligibility and encourage more companies to apply for project funding. Earlier this month, the provincial government approved the following changes:

"When we met with stakeholders around the province last year, they suggested changes that would allow more local companies in a variety of sectors to take advantage of the funding," said Boudreau. "We are are proud to say that this broadened eligibility criteria means we can continue to provide New Brunswick entrepreneurs with the support they need to start-up or expand here at home."

NB Growth was launched in October 2007 to provide eligible entrepreneurs up to $100,000 to establish a new business; and up to $60,000 to expand, diversify or improve productivity at an existing business. Since its inception, NB Growth has approved 139 projects worth $5,593,951.

"Programs such as these, in addition to our strategic investments and plan for lower taxes, offer our companies the opportunity to buy new equipment, hire new staff and expand their market reach," said Boudreau. "Our government is happy to support our entrepreneurs, who, in turn, give so much back to their communities."


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is a list of southeastern companies that have received grants under NB Growth. MEDIA CONTACTS: Ashley Bursey, communications, Business New Brunswick, 506-461-0942,; Rhéal Caissie, president, Culinary Wines Inc., 506-532-5558,

Companies in southeastern New Brunswick supported by NB Growth