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Improved access for voters with special needs (08/10/23)

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Oct. 23, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Voters with special needs, as well as seniors, will have improved access to polling stations for the Nov. 3 byelection in New Maryland-Sunbury West. Elections New Brunswick outlined the improvements today.

There will be level access at the returning office as well as advance and regular poll locations. Accessibility is indicated on the Notice to Vote card, which should be received this week in the mail.

Voters may also vote by special ballot either by mail or in person at the New Maryland returning office. While all electors may use this ballot, it is particularly useful to persons who are housebound or who would have difficulty reaching a polling station. These voters may arrange to have election officials take a ballot to their home. (See the Elections New Brunswick FAQ on special ballots for details of this voting procedure and deadlines).

Braille facsimiles and large-print copies of ballots are available to help visually impaired electors at all poll locations and the returning office. Hand-held magnifying devices will be available at the returning office and at all polling stations. Special ballot officers will also have them.

Audio amplification devices known as Pocketalkers will be at the returning office and all poll locations for voters with hearing difficulties. Special ballot officers will take Pocketalkers with them when they collect the votes of housebound voters.

Elections New Brunswick offers the services of sign-language interpreters to help hearing-impaired voters. Voters will be able to book appointments to have an interpreter meet them at the polling station or the returning office. To make an appointment for a sign-language interpreter, call the Saint John Deaf and Hard of Hearing, 506-634-8037, TTY/506-633-0599, or the Southeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing, 506-384-8260, TTY/506-859-6101.

Some additional aids or services are:

Elections New Brunswick (www.electionsnb.ca) welcomes any feedback from voters on any of these supports and suggestions to improve accessibility further.


MEDIA CONTACT: Michael Quinn, chief electoral officer, Elections New Brunswick, 506-453-2218, info@electionsnb.ca.